Brexit Update: How Negotiations Will Work

In A change to the Brexit Update Series, As the negotiations are due to commence within the next few weeks, We would take a look at how the negotiations will work in practice.

Brexit, The never seem to die plague that is our exit from the EU, After what has seemed to be a long time of bitching on about the negotiations, they finally start to happen!

Between now and 2019 we will be clashing heads with the EU on working out the new arrangements between the UK and EU, How things like trade and immigration will work. In today’s article, we look at how the negotiations will work.

Where will the negotiations take place?

The decision on where to house the negotiations was made at the very start of the long process, The Brexit negotiations will be held in the home of Europe, Brussels in Belgium.

What Language will be Primarily used?

This one is a pretty stupid question but with quite a sting for an answer, The Lead Negotiator for the EU Michael Barnier has Demanded that the Negotiations be held in French. Whereas the UK wants to not form a policy on language.

How Many Rounds of Negotiations Will happen?

Now we are approaching confusing waters, As there is so much to be decided from fishing rights to the logistics of Migrations and immigration right through to the buisness side of things. There has been no set amount of negotiations in the two-year period.

Who Are Britain’s Team of negotiators?

Britain has complied four key people to lead the helm in the negotiations, the Team Comprises of:

David Davis MP, The Secretary of state for exiting the EU. Oliver Robbins, A Top civil servant in the Brexit department. Tim Barrows, A skilled Diplomat and current representative to the EU and Sarah Healey, A Second in command of the Brexit department.

Who Are Europes Team of negotiators?

Europe has also compiled four key people for their side of negotiations, the Team Consists of:

Michael Barnier, A Skilled French and EU diplomat. Sabine Weyand Deputy of the EU commission. Donald Tusk, the Current President of the European Council and Didier Seeuw, Another Top Diplomat

For more info on both teams click here.

So that’s the logistics of the negotiations laid out nicely, JT will keep you up to Date with the very latest Brexit developments every Monday or Friday.

As always, A discussion is welcome in the comments below. For Journaling Thoughts I’m Jordan Dodds

The Brexit Update: 3rd Feburay 2017

Ah Brexit, The horrible car crash and messy divorce from the EU have seen yet another two twists in the already bumpy rollercoaster track. since the last update, there has been a huge amount going on. Let’s get straight on with the latest updates.


We’re having a Hard Brexit 

Our PM Theresa May announced that our main platform for negotiating is that were completely leaving the EU, the customs union, the single market and everything. with the tagline to this being: “if we don’t get a good deal then bye bye EU”

Brexit went to the supreme court of the united kingdom  

110px-supreme_court_crest_official-svgAfter the High Court ruling on whether MP’s or the cabinet can trigger Article 50, the government took it to the supreme court where Lord Neuberger ruled that the Government must vote on triggering article 50.

Such a waste of time really, why send it all the way up to find out what you found out before. This was never an attempt to stop Brexit as something like that would be so stupid I dare not to think it.

The Government voted on triggering article 50 

Well well well, the government agreed to it. Grab two of each animal and head for the boat!!! Nah I joke in all serious its a good thing that the government is going to trigger article 50. other than the 42 labour MP’s who voted against it. I’ll Talk about that in another article for another day.


Overall I may not like the idea of a Brexit but its really starting to take shape. hopefully, we don’t stick our foot in it and screw up. I honestly hope we can come out of the EU with a good deal with the other 27 nations.

And that is the latest Brexit update. this is going to be a new reoccurring article here on JT. As always I’ve been Jordan Dodds for Journaling Thoughts Discussion is welcome and free in the comments below.