If Esther McVey Wants All Teenagers To Have Summer Jobs, Then How About She Tries Looking For One

Esther McVey, The Work and Pensions Secretary has Boldly come out and said that teenagers need to get a summer job and focus less on education. Claiming that A summer job will help make young people more employable and ready for adulthood.

Yet, how can Esther McVey come out with that and not see the issue? The biggest issue with that is getting any form of a job, be that a part-time summer nor or even a full-time job is near impossible for those without any form of experience.

typically at the age of sixteen, you don’t have the most work experience possible. Not unless your school was able to run a work experience program or even a mentorship. even so with just a week of experience is not enough for some employers.

I didn’t do any work experience in secondary school, My school didn’t run any programs like that and even when in Further Education the opportunities to do work experience were incredibly slim. Not many companies would allow an under eighteen even shadow someone.

In the four years, I did in further education, only two years I was able to obtain a placement. With one not even being in my subject field. How Helpful was that placement then? Giving me hard skills that cannot cross over like the typical soft skills.

Then even if you weren’t able to get work experience, Getting any form of a job is impossible, going back to my first argument, in some sectors you cannot work until eighteen. Retail, Bar work and even labouring you cant work in until eighteen.

There’s a bigger risk to employers to hire sixteen-year-olds, More health and safety rules have to be applied for under sixteens, companies won’t risk damages to an under the legal age person.

I Spent this past year unemployed and looking for a job. How Successful was it? Applying for hundreds of jobs and only getting 5 interviews. I ended off taking a job as a packer through my Fathers workplace for three months.

So Esther McVey, If you want all teenagers to have a summer job then Why not you have a go at finding one, With zero help from your aids and assistants, Try actually going through the process before spouting stupid statements out of thin air.

Written By Jordan Dodds for Journaling Thoughts.


Brexit Analysis: The Cost

Brexit keeps meaning Brexit, and as the negotiations continue we are starting to see the costs of our pending departure from the EU. So for this Installment of Brexit Analysis, We will be looking at the cost of leaving the EU. Not just monetary cost but other factors


During the campaign, Vote Leave told the population that we would be making new trade deals with the EU and the world. Although nothing has come about so far, the future doesn’t look so good for the UK, as negotiations have stalled and we’ve yet to cement any deals with any countries.

Our Working relationship with Europol  

In light of our current position in the negotiations, The UK could be removed from the European Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation or Europol. Michel Barnier, the chief negotiator for the EU has accused the UK of “abandoning the defence of Europe at a time when it should be standing “shoulder to shoulder” with its neighbours in the EU. Despite this, the UK wishes to retain membership of Europol, even though at this time the relationship is starting to become damaged.

The Cost 
As the UK is leaving the EU, we have to pay some sort of fee to leave, the fee will more than likely cover budgets post-Brexit, the currently reported amount we could be paying to the EU could be €55 billion or approximately £48 Billion. which is completely over the “£350 million we spend a week on the EU”

With all that in mind, What is the real cost of leaving?  Tell me what you think in the comments below.
For Journaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds

Sources: BBC news The Independent, CNN money, and The Guardian