Will Football be coming home? or will we wait another 30 years of Hurt? A Guide to Surviving The Semi Final of the World Cup

If you are like me, then you frankly couldn’t care about the World Cup. I Have never truly followed football at all and would rather be doing something else.

But as tonight is rather important for Football Fans, I Present to you the guide to surviving the World Cup Semi-Final, The Do’s and Don’ts to help you and your friends enjoy the match together.

Do: Engage in light Discussion about the sport

Even if you badly explain the offside rule, or begin a rant about why we have VAR (Video Assistant Refereeing) Talking about football will help the game pass over without issue.

Don’t: Do Not Say Things like “I hate Football!” and “It’s Rubbish”

It’s So tempting to go full frontal with your honest opinion on the sport, But being honest about your true feelings towards football can be a quick way to landing up in a puddle of body fluids and ending friendships.

Do: Be The one to offer Drink/Snack Rounds

Just because you don’t follow football means you shouldn’t feel excluded, let the hardcore fans enjoy the game without interruption and offer to go get more drinks and snacks, Plus it gives you time to breathe away from the match.

Don’t: Sit in the corner checking your phone

It’s easy to sit there and play endless levels of Candy Crush Soda or window shop for clothes but resist the temptation to do so. Pretend to be interested in it and your friends will see that you are trying.

Do: Be Supporting, Regardless of the result 

Even if England lose tonight, be supportive as your friends could take the loss badly, if you have to just say that “England have made history already” Or “There is always next world cup”

Don’t: Attack anyone (especially our opponent)

While its perfectly ok to get a little competitive, DO NOT go around attacking the opponents or fellow fans. This sort of behaviour belongs in the past and doesn’t reflect modern football.

Most Importantly: Have fun!

To sum up, the biggest thing to do is enjoy it and have fun! This is an opportunity to bond with friends and show pride in our country. Not many times of the year can we truly be patriotic without judgement.

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Brexit Update: How Negotiations Will Work

In A change to the Brexit Update Series, As the negotiations are due to commence within the next few weeks, We would take a look at how the negotiations will work in practice.

Brexit, The never seem to die plague that is our exit from the EU, After what has seemed to be a long time of bitching on about the negotiations, they finally start to happen!

Between now and 2019 we will be clashing heads with the EU on working out the new arrangements between the UK and EU, How things like trade and immigration will work. In today’s article, we look at how the negotiations will work.

Where will the negotiations take place?

The decision on where to house the negotiations was made at the very start of the long process, The Brexit negotiations will be held in the home of Europe, Brussels in Belgium.

What Language will be Primarily used?

This one is a pretty stupid question but with quite a sting for an answer, The Lead Negotiator for the EU Michael Barnier has Demanded that the Negotiations be held in French. Whereas the UK wants to not form a policy on language.

How Many Rounds of Negotiations Will happen?

Now we are approaching confusing waters, As there is so much to be decided from fishing rights to the logistics of Migrations and immigration right through to the buisness side of things. There has been no set amount of negotiations in the two-year period.

Who Are Britain’s Team of negotiators?

Britain has complied four key people to lead the helm in the negotiations, the Team Comprises of:

David Davis MP, The Secretary of state for exiting the EU. Oliver Robbins, A Top civil servant in the Brexit department. Tim Barrows, A skilled Diplomat and current representative to the EU and Sarah Healey, A Second in command of the Brexit department.

Who Are Europes Team of negotiators?

Europe has also compiled four key people for their side of negotiations, the Team Consists of:

Michael Barnier, A Skilled French and EU diplomat. Sabine Weyand Deputy of the EU commission. Donald Tusk, the Current President of the European Council and Didier Seeuw, Another Top Diplomat

For more info on both teams click here.

So that’s the logistics of the negotiations laid out nicely, JT will keep you up to Date with the very latest Brexit developments every Monday or Friday.

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