I Own a Rottweiler and the Stigma Behind them Needs to Ends

Arent Dogs the best? They are the loyalist of friends and are the best listeners in the world. They’ll stand back while you ramble on about whatever crap has come your way and then just rub their nose on you and want a cuddle. The least judgemental being in the world and yet we can be the most judgemental to anyone who owns a certain dog.

I have a Rottweiler, One of the most judged and frowned upon dogs in the world, for decades these dogs have been vilified by the court of public opinion. The world thinks that they are vicious and always aggressive wanting nothing more than to attack anything that moves.

To the typical person, Seeing a young person with a Rottweiler walking alongside is the ultimate sign of fear, that this person will let the dog off the lead and the dog will attack you. Leading to you crossing the road and walking the other way to avoid it.

This has happened on a near daily basis when I walk my rottweiler, Venus, On one occasion a man was that fearful of Venus that he walked in the middle of a busy road to avoid us. Just let that sink in, He Hated a Rottweiler so much he was willing to kill himself and his dog by walking into traffic.

I’ve had people go out there way to scold Venus and I, with one owner telling me to have my dog put down simply because of the head collar Venus was wearing and in one case when Venus had a little moment with another dog two people threaten to call the RSPCA.

Yet in the vast majority of cases, a Rottweiler is harmless and won’t attack. They are not bred to be monsters, but rather companions who’ll keep their friend safe. By Breed, a Rottweiler is natural strong-willed and stubborn, they also have a strong bite. This comes from their original uses from herding cattle and being a German police dog.

They’re loyal and hardworking, always wanting to please their friend and will learn quickly. They Love cuddles and are extremely affectionate.

Yet My venus embodies everything I’ve just written, while A loving and cuddly dog Venus won’t back down if someone was to attack me. She won’t randomly attack any dog that walks by, She’ll Try to make friends just like any normal dog.

Venus the Rottweiler

Most Rottweilers are like Venus, as most owners are sensible and will always make sure their Rottweiler is behaving correctly, Yes occasionally there are some people who won’t train there Rottweiler and will make it attack everything. Why Punish a Majority on the actions of a minority.

Treat Rottweilers exactly like a Labrador, or a Springer Spaniel or even a German Shepard.

If you do see a Rottweiler in the streets, just walk past and go about your business as normal and if you want to stroke or make a fuss of the dog, just ask! As all Rottweiler owners won’t mind at all. In fact my Venus won’t let you move as she’ll want to be friends forever.

An Open Letter to the media: Stop Painting People With Aspergers Syndrome As Mentally Ill Criminals

In this open to the media, Jordan Dodds calls out the media for what as seen as the constant portrayal of people with Asperger Syndrome as mentally ill criminals.

To Every News Outlet, Every Columnist, and Media Opinionist.

My name is Jordan Dodds, I am a Freelance Writer and Journalist. I am a 19-year-old young man with Asperger Syndrome, A condition you have all branded as nothing more than a Mentally unstable criminal out to damage the fabric of society.

I am writing to you to address the issue of the stigma that you have promoted for so long against people with autism and Asperger Syndrome, That everyone with Asperger Syndrome and Autism is not a criminal or mentally ill.

I, of course, refer to the case of Ethan Stables, A man who was arrested for planning an attack on an LGBT event in a pub in Cumbria, I am aware of the severity of the crime and fully respect that, but the way he has been portrayed by you in disgusting.

You Constantly reminded us of the Aspergers and tried to underpin his condition to the crime, nevermind the fact he was a white supremacist.

I refer to my second example of Jack Chappel, a man you branded as the “Autistic Hacker”, Throughout his case you consistently used a humiliating nickname and reminded us all that “it was his autism” that made him do it.

When in reality, his condition didn’t make him do it. Jack was being Exploited to do it.

The point I’m making is that autism has nothing to do with the criminal justice system, that when something reaches this sort of level, the need for these details to be propelled onto our reading eyes.

All you do by adding the nature of the condition is continuing to further the stigma plaguing the name of a group of talented individuals who see the world a little different.

Great minds that have to overcome obstacles, People like Robert White, A Comedian with Asperger Syndrome who will be a finalist in Britain’s Got Talent 2018 or Chris Packham, the Wildlife TV presenter who lives with Aspergers and has a successful Television career.

If you showed the people more of the latter, then the stigma will wind down and the barriers for us will go away. Failure to do so and mark my words, ill keep pushing you and pushing until you listen.


Jordan Dodds.


For Jordan’s Thoughts