Why The British Are Crap In The Warm Weather, And the Cold Weather

Its been the warmest week of the year this past week, the warmest day in April since 1949 happened on Thursday and since then its been shorts weather every day! Yet something has remained mysterious to me about how Brits work with the weather.

We British are a weird bunch of folk, Ever the tea drinking, biscuit dunking and over apologetic people, we are just can’t seem to be comfortable with any of the weather we have every season of the year. it’s a known fact that the British are built for only one climate.

In the past year, the UK has had a weird weather pattern, in the summer of last year we had a hot summer with wall to wall sunshine throughout, It actually got over 25 degrees here in the North East which is extreme.

Where every day was a day for wearing shorts and necking back pints at the nearest pub garden and having impromptu BBQ’s in our back gardens using the disposable ones from Morrisons. and then the winter came.

We had one of the coldest winters imaginable, this past winter especially February was unbelievably cold, snow everywhere and the ice rink roads that emerged during “The Beast From The East”. We couldn’t get enough of sledging filled days with Hot Chocolate and binge-watching The Chase on Challenge TV.

Yet the nice weather has finally arrived and we are all reversing our tune and saying “Oh goodness it’s hot, I need to be cooled down” or “it’s too hot to do anything!” it’s made me think that the British people are meant to thrive in only one climate.

We don’t like it when its too cold, and we don’t like it when it’s too hot, We hate the dry heat but equally hate humidity, We get our knickers in a twist when overcast and we go off the deep end when the blue sky is here.

I think the perfect climate for British people is like the perfect cup of tea, a discussion that could cause a storm in a teacup.





What’s the biggest waste of time when applying for jobs? is it experience?

Job hunting is absolutely stupid, it’s a complete farce, a bigger waste of time then reading the daily mail. You spend ages filling out application forms, wasting time entering your school life like its an autobiography.

Forever adding password you’ll never remember and setting stupid security questions, all for an account you’ll only touch once and dispose of the next day. Who gives two monkeys what my first dog’s name was or the car I pretended to own when I was 19?

after wasting an hour setting up a CV through there specification, I then waste another hour going through a CIA style interrogation asking questions totally unrelated to the job, wanting to guess my personality on the answers I give. how can you see someone’s personality through asking them “what would you do if something broke? or “a dog approached you in the park, what would you do?”

How is this relatable to a working environment? am I ever going to be replacing a till system or tracking a dog owner down, when I am applying to fry chicken and pretend to give a rats backside about the horrible fat filled product, or shoving a pizza in someones face at a shopping centre outlet.

then they turn around and say “you’re not the right candidate, please apply again in 12 months time” 12 month time? why will I wait 12 months, I’m looking for a part-time job not applying for RuPaul’s Drag Race!

I Hate applying for jobs online, why can’t we go back in time and be old-fashioned, going door to door with CVs and hoping for the best. Showing the employer the kind of person we are in the flesh and not some automatically produced facade based on some useless questions?


That is Jordan’s Thoughts on the 11th of March 2018