Munich: Update

More information has come through concerning the atrocity in Munich, The latest update is:

At least eight people have been killed with an unknown amount of injuries being reported.

Munich is on complete lockdown with no public transport running and a large police presence

There are§ conflicting reports whether this was an “ISIS attack” or something else (the motive will become clear once more information is available)

The attack took place at local time of 18:00 (17:00 BST) 

There will be another update tomorrow with more information 

Munich, Whats going on?

It seems to be that attacks are the normality now, another attack has happened. this time in Munich Germany, according to reports multiple gunmen have attacked a shopping mall with several deaths.

2016 has been the bloodiest year I can remember, I have never ever known so many attacks to happen in such a short time space. 

The latest report is that armed police have been scrambled into the city looking for the gunmen responsible for this. 

My thoughts and prayers are with the people of Munich right now. there will be a followup article later on once more details have emerged