JT Presents: Jordan’s Dream Interviews, Donald Trump

In the run-up to Christmas 2017, Journaling Thoughts Will be doing something different. In this miniseries, I will be going over my dream interviews. with each week being a different guest of honour.

My first dream Interview would be the current president of the United States of America Donald Trump. Since `Donald Trump has taken office, he has been the forefront and centre of a lot of controversy surrounding his election and cabinet.

Why Donald Trump?
Donald Trump is the president of the USA and “The leader of the free world” considered to be one of the highest-ranking country leaders. Donald Trump is an outsider in politics has not held office before the presidency.

Since the election, accusations of Russian interference have dogged the president, a Special Counsel has been set up and could be damaging to the president.


What Would be the style of questions?
as i would be dealing with a man who has had a frustrating and dangerous relationship with the media, I would have to play it safe and avoid potentially dangerous and hostile questions. my main questions to Donald Trump would be:

When you use twitter what is going through your mind?

we all know Donald Trump is a prolific tweeter and has created political storms on the social media platform. I would love to know what goes on in his mind when it comes to his Twitter activity.

Why do you think the “news media” is “fake” and against you?

Donald Trump has accused the media of multiple times of being biased against him and being “Fake News”. Coming from a journalistic standpoint, I would be curious to know where the underlying hatred of the media comes from.

what would you say has been your shining moment so far in the first term?

Every president has had a moment they cherish, From George W. Bush comforting the American people to Barak Obama getting Same-Sex marriage legalised, I would love to know what has been Trump’s defining moment.

Do you honestly think that the election was one cleanly?
When it comes to the alleged Russian Interference in the 2016 election, I would love to know Donald’s personal and candid opinion on this messy subject, not the spun answer but the honest opinion of the man at the centre of all this.

This is just the surface of the questions I would ask, So much would be discussed and it would be a real dream interview. Tune in next week for the second instalment of my dream interviews.

For JOurnaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds