Has Donald Trump become the president of a small, would-be authoritarian state?

Has Donald Trump become the president of a small, would-be authoritarian state?

Is he the kind of leader who has to say my army is bigger than your army?

No, he is not only the leader of the most powerful state in the world, he is supposed to be the leader of the “free world”.

Announcing that he wants to have a military parade in Washington DC is an odd move for the USA.  It’s what they do in North Korea and China. Yet again it feels like Trump is aping the behaviour of Kim Jong Un or the not greatly lamented ex-president of Zimbabwe, Mr Robert Mugabe.

It started with his war on the media. Calling everything critical of him “fake news” is straight out of the dictator’s playbook.

Actually, this idea is something he brought back from his hols. Where did he go on holiday? China? Egypt? Afghanistan?

No, he went to another cradle of democracy: France.

He saw a military parade there and decided he wanted one. He was like a kid in a toy shop.

When I think about it, I’m not sure why France had such a parade. But we don’t have to go there.

France has plenty of other “toys” Trump could have coveted.

For instance: great food, a thriving cultural scene, a wonderful fashion sense. Why didn’t Trump come back with a top quality suit or some perfume for Melania? Why not try to introduce more acceptable aspects of French life?

He could have built an Eiffel Tower in Manhattan or opened a Montmartre-themed golf course in Florida.

Anything but a military parade!

Trump is only one year into his Presidency. He has time to pull in around. Please, Mr President, for all our sakes and sanity, be sensible for once.

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President Trump: One Year of Office and what has happened? Part Two

2017 was an eventful year for the first none politician President, Donald Trump. Coming off the heels of a controversial campaign dogged by controversy.

The President has had a strange and definitely unique first year of office. Let’s Look at the first year of President Trump’s term. for each month of his first year, we will look at only one event as President Trump has had a lot on.

July 2017: North Korea Tensions and the Purge 

As the dizzy heights of the summer solstice began to fade, The world came back to the brink of nuclear Armageddon, as tensions between the white house and North Korea began reaching unseen temperatures. In a speech to the G20, President Trump Warned the world of the “Sevear” consequences if North Korea was to continue.

Meanwhile, things in the white house were not good. Sean Spicer, the Press Security, Reince Priebus, the chief of staff and Anthony Scaramucci, director of communications all were removed from there respective posts.

August 2017: Fire and Fury at the UN and at home 

As North Korea threatened America with a total wipeout, President Trump delivered the now infamous “Fire and Fury” speech at the UN, while that happened, a domestic terrorist attack occurred at a counter-protest at the “Unite the right” rally. leading to the disastrous response and the blaming of the Alt-left

September 2017: Helping with the Hurricanes and another travel ban

As the Atlantic hurricane season came in full swing, President Trump helped out with the cleanup in Florida after Hurricane Imra. taking a brief pause before the rest of the year continued on. After that pause, President trump implemented another travel ban, restricting travel from North Korea and other “terrorist” countries

October 2017: Las Vagas and The Travel ban blocks again 

After a horrific shooting in Las Vagas, President Trump did the usual and helped console the country, despite not wanting to address gun control quoting “it is not the time”. The latest travel ban is blocked by another judge sending Trump Back to square one.

November 2017: The Tour of Aisa and the  Roy Moore saga begins 

As winter was coming in, President Trump took his first overseas tour as President, calling into Countries such as China, South Korea and Japan to help promote and foster better relations with the USA. At home Roy Moore a Judge running for Senate was being accused of sexual misconduct, President Trump Stood by Roy Moore and defended him.

December 2017: No more Net neutrality and Tax Cuts go through. 

As the year closed off, the FCC abolished Net Neutrality removing the restrictions to stop internet companies charging more for service, a win for the Republicans doubled down as Congress approved President Trump’s overhaul of the tax system, which would make the rich richer.

President Trump has had a busy first year and as his Freshman year goes into Sophomore, will Robert Mueller catchup or will Trump Continue to fight another day?

for Journaling Thoughts I’m Jordan Dodds


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