PrEP: My Opinion

Now as I am a gay man, there are certain things that men who have sex with men (MSM) are more prone to getting. I am talking about HIV and AIDS. Since the outbreak in the 1980s  many different steps have been taken to prevent the horrible desise. Such as condoms and better sexual health awareness.

However in recent months a drug going by the name of PrEP. or (Pre-exposure prophylaxis) for the technical term is a drug that can prevent HIV from getting into the body. 

The drug was on a trial through the NHS however, the NHS refused to fund the treatment. This was until yesterday when the High Court of England order the NHS must fund the Drug.

Personally, I believe that this was the best decision made. By funding this drug it can reduce the amount of cases of HIV and promote a healthy attitude to safe sex. Right now we should be celebrating but….

Thanks, some newspapers ( The Daily Mail and The Times) who have branded PrEP as a “lifestyle drug”. This is among some of the lowest Yellow Jounrlasim I have ever come across. The fact that these two newspapers are branding a drug that can PREVENT HIV as a fucking lifestyle drug with the likes of cannabis and meth.

It drives me insane how much bigotry is in print journalism. How that these people are able to spew such filth and hatred on a page. (No surprises coming from the Daily Mail who’s editor has the editorial skills of a monkey) 

I believe that PrEP should be funded and the best way to fund PrEP is to make the wealthy pay for the NHS. 

I know this article is long but this is topic is so close to me and i hope people can relate to my thoughts 

The election like no other: entry one

Welcome to a brand new series here on my blog, covering the 2016 United States Presidential Election. In each entry, i will be covering different aspects of the race along with profiles of the three main candidates. as well as trying to explain the party platforms and stances.

For the first entry, i thought it would be good to explain why this election is being called an election like no other. The 2016 Presidential Election has gone down as one of the most rememberable elections because of the candidates for both the major parties.

On the democrat side, there is Hillary Clinton who has proven to be very polarising and on the Republican side, there is Donald Trump who has also been very polarising almost to the point of splitting the party of Abe Lincon.

This year’s race has also been rememberable for what has happened recently is society. In the past four years, same-sex marriage has been made national by SCOTUS. Tensions between races have reached boiling point because of the recent shootings of innocent black people. Not to mention the rise of the so-called “Islamic State” and the threat of terrorism. 

The election has also shown the divide between congress and the working people. More people are dissatisfied with the government and are wanting change. 

Regardless of the outcome of the election and whoever is the next president there is change upon the horizon. Big change.

`In the next entry, i will be documenting the Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton and will be answering the question Why has Hillary Clinton been a controversial choice?

Stay tuned and until next time, see you around…