The PewDiePie and Youtube Drama?

What a week for youtube, Youtube rewind 2016 went live and something happened with Pewdiepie? Oh yeah, apparently Pewdiepie Announced he was going to delete his channel at 50 million subscribers.

Well, PewDiePie hit 50 million subscribers on Thursday and is he going to delete his channel?  You’ve got more chance of seeing a pig fly with wings. Of course, PewDiePie won’t delete the channel and start again.

Just to speed up people who are not familiar with PewDiePie and this drama allow me to fill in the blanks. PewDiePie is a gaming YouTuber who is famous for reacting to horror games and swearing, a lot of swearing.

PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg has been in the news over the drama surrounding his latest video in which he announces the deletion of his channel. once at 50 million subscribers the channel would be deleted.

According to Felix, is unhappy because of changes he says have been made that are affecting how people find new videos. Felix claims that this means newer videos aren’t getting as many views  and this could affect YouTubers who make money from creating videos.

In a Nutshell, PewDiePie is unhappy with youtube over promotion, To be honest, though this isn’t the first time Felix has had a drama moment on youtube. in 2014 Felix disabled comments on his videos. this was down to Spam comments and hate and recently Felix has his twitter account suspended over a joke surrounding ISIS.

Going back on topic, It doesn’t surprise me that this was a threat. PewDiePie makes so much money off youtube and why would he stop this. All this drama has proven is PewDiePie has spat his dummy out over small things. Just let PewDiePie have this moment and it’ll all solve itself

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The Very Controversial Trump Cabinet

It’s Now officially two weeks since the shock felt around the world, I am talking of course about Donald Trump and his victory in the race to the White House and the West Wing. The Trump Cabinet has some shocking members. Here are Just two examples:

We Begin with Steve Bannon, the CEO of the trump campaign and the former executive chair of the website Breitbart News, The prominent “Alt-Right” News and opinion site. This has caused shockwaves because of the viewpoints of Bannon and Breitbart. These Views being Anti-Immigration/migration, Anti-Abortion/Women’s Rights and Overall extreme conservative. Having someone with such views in such a high place of government can lead to a trickle-down effect with these views becoming normalised.

Another example is Michael T. Flynn, A former Army lieutenant and director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael T. Flynn has controversially said that is perfectly normal to hold extreme Views against Muslims, in a nutshell, encouraging extreme Islamaphobia .

Those are just two because the vast majority of the cabinet is dogged by controversy, from lack of actual experience to the controversial views held by cabinet members. The next four years are gonna be bumpy.


on a side note, The Blog will be going through some changes within the next few weeks. I cannot tell much more yet but there will be large changes afoot. Until next time

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