Hot Drink Heaven: Gooey and Chocolaty Coffee, Don’t Mind If I Do!


In our homes, there is nothing a British man loves more than making a good cup of coffee while watching BBC News, boiling the kettle, getting the cup ready with a dash of delicate semi-skimmed milk, going into the cupboard and pulling out the ground coffee.

But do you have just plain coffee? or are you adventures with blends and go for the funkiest blend imaginable? Today in my quest for caffeine, I pull out a firecracker of a blend, Taylors of Harrogate “Cacao Superior Colombia”

The packaging is rife with the colours of grey, white and chocolate brown, Dancing around and swirling imagery of coffee and branches, the tasting notes describe the blend as “An indulgent Colombian coffee, like biting into a rich, gooey chocolate caramel”

The Blend is of single origin, coming from the Huila Region of Columbia, known for only growing the Arabica coffee cherries and packing a powerful punch in the blend.

After leaving the blend in my cafetiere for the recommended time of 5 minutes, I could smell the gooey chocolate caramel promised, the powerful black blend danced with the semi-skimmed milk to form a beautiful light chocolate brown.

As the blend stood, the first sip approached and the rush of caramel began, all the gooeyness of the caramel malting perfectly with the caffeine, then came to the aftertaste of sweetness and warmth associated with sugar and gentle blackcurrants.

Drink after drink it became more additive until it was gone, that’s what a good coffee does, it draws you in and it makes you want more. Bravo Taylors of Harrogate! Your coffee lived up to its name!

Score 5/5

Does it go into hot drink heaven? Definitely

Will I buy it again? Oh yeah.


This has been Jordan’s Thoughts on the 11th of March 2018


Hot Drink Heaven: Has The Golden Arches Got The Flat White Right?

Of all the options we have in the UK for coffee, one has always been different from the rest, we have our big chains and our little independents and then we have the fast-food industry. All of our fast food joints offer coffee and McDonalds have been known for being the best.

The McCafe range is your no thrills coffee line-up, black and white coffee, lattes and cappuccinos, mochas and hot chocolates. However, the company has finally jumped into the flat white market with their £1.49 flat white.

I embarked on a road trip to my nearest branch, asking for just a coffee at McDonald’s is like going into an HMV and asking for a video, the staff seemed puzzled and eventually give you something. After some funny looks, I got a hold of the flat white.

By far a bigger flat white than the like of Greggs or Starbucks, the cup measured just a little bigger than the normal and by far wider, in my honest opinion, I thought it was the size of a double shot of both milk and coffee.

The colour of the coffee was quite simply stunning, blending the delectate milk white colour and the black as coal colour of coffee making a light and breezy amber colour. The swirl of the milk into the coffee looked natural and pleasant. No latte art here, just the classic swirl.

The first taste is the moment we savour and my first taste of the flat white was that of bitterness and strength, hitting the tongue like a bull in a china shop, just how a flat white should be, then came the smooth rich aftertaste of the textured milk. The right beans had been used, as flat white is the powerful younger brother of a latte. Whipped around and knocked into its small powerful shape.

even into the final last swig, the bitterness stayed loyal, just blending and cosying up with the microfoam to make a spoonable concoction.

Overall for a late starter, McDonald’s flat white is worthy of hot drink heaven, what stands it out is the size of the drink, bigger than normal with more punch.

Score 4/5

Does it go into hot drink heaven? Yes

Would I go back soon? Maybe, just without the funny looks for ordering a coffee.