Hot Drink Heaven: Going To Guatemala via Morrisons.

I am not one for long distance travelling, I Just don’t enjoy the stress of having to check in four hours early, Having to declare What’s in my bag and the last pat-down at security.

I Remember having to endure the horror of travelling to Spain when I was 16 at a time when I wasn’t as refined in managing my Asperger’s, The stress of checking in, the unplanned pat down after a three-hour flight. I hated it.

Travelling in general is completely unbearable until you see a coffee outlet or even an express coffee machine. Advertising coffee from destinations including Guatemala, Brazil and Kenya. A small little win in my mind.

The same little win I get after finishing my shift at Morrisons, Having spent six hours of stacking produce I need a trip to the coffee aisle. It’s that time again where my faithful Costa Coffee branded caddy has run empty. Having spent the better part of four months on Columbian Coffee blends my taste buds, and my caffeine addiction is wanting to go somewhere else.

I decided to try a Guatemalan Blend and what better blend to try than Morrisons The Best Guatemalan Ground Blend. Described by Morrisons as “Intense, Full flavoured roast and ground coffee with a sweet, nutty flavour”. The aroma of the grounds is sweet, the smell of lightly sweetened Italian blend.

As the water is poured into my trusting French press, The dark and chocolatey brown colour begins to dance away into a Deeping stout black with just a hint of foam at the top, The plunger makes little work of blend and goes down in a smooth swift motion.

As the blend mixes with milk, this is where the nutty flavour really comes alive, on the first swig of the blend the sweet nuttiness begins to dance on the tongue and gently down the back of my throat. Unlike with some number four blends which usually wires you straight away, the Guatemalan has a gentle release. As with each sip, the gentle giant continued to warm you up and giving that all-important caffeine hit.

However soft this blend is. It is by far more powerful than the average house blend, Not quite espresso strong but way stronger than the laid back anytime Americano. This is a blend that doesn’t need to be served black to give a kick thanks to the rich and volcanic soil of Guatemala.

Morrisons, The Best Guatemalan Ground Blend, is best drank as a breakfast coffee or as midway through the day pick me up, Perfect for a post-work or Pre-work coffee especially if you work in retail.

HDH Score: 9/10

Hot Drink Heaven: A Muffin Break in a Busy Day

Every Sunday, I always go to Washington and drop my partner off at work. Its become a little ritual that before I Go back home, I call off and grab a coffee and have a little time to relax before the hustle and bustle of my normal Sunday.

To say that I’ve been everywhere in Washington for a coffee is an understatement, So it’s more of what I’m craving on the day is where I go, and this week I wanted a little trip back to somewhere I haven’t been for a while.

Muffin Break is one of the best coffee chains out there, especially the Washington branch, Its a mix of the staff who work there, the quality of the coffee there and the fact its the best place to people watch.

my goto order is the classic Italian Cappuccino, The breakfast stallion created with espresso and milk. Best drank in the morning, it’s a gentle way to warm up.

while my Italian stallion was being handmade I could see the rich black espresso blending with the whole milk to form the chestnut colour with the foamy head.

As the foam gently lay over the rink and the cocoa dusting settled to form the perfect latte art, the time came to enjoy and savour the moment.

The first sip and the gentle foam begins to clash and battle with the bitter coffee, the buzz of the caffeine going into the system waking every fibre up.

as the further down I went, the taste of the roast came through, the cocoa dusting blending with the sharp undertones of the roast. An excellent choice of the roast.

And at the end of the cup was the smile at the bottom, A promise that never lets down the customer.

Overall Muffin Break will forever be in Hot Drink Heaven with a score of 5 for taste, texture and presentation.