Baton Rouge, What’s going on?

it seems to be every day another horrific event happens, the latest coming in from Baton Rouge is that three police officers have been shot dead. Altogether 6 officers were attacked in a suspected ambush.

This latest attack has come two weeks after the attack in Dallas where 5 police officers were gunned down while protecting a Balck Lives Matter protest. Multiple Sources are reporting the attack took place near the police headquarters.

My thoughts are with the colleagues and the families of the victims. No one should ever be gunned down while doing their job. Especially when your job is to protect and serve.

More will be posted in the meantime check all the major news outlets for the most up to date information 

Nice, What has happened?

The most dominating story in the news today has been the horrific attack in Nice. Currently, the death toll is at 84 and could rise. The most bloody day this year.

Writing this article is very tough, I’m struggling to comprehend why someone would do such a horrific and barbaric act. 

The country was celebrating being french, Bastille day went from a celebration to a traumatic horror show. It’s been possibly the worst year for France, Charley Hebdo, Paris and now Nice. How much more can the french cope with? 

Unfortunately once the dust has settled they’ll be a backlash from the right wing, more horrible rhetoric from the Likes of Donald Trump. More Islamaphobia and more hate.

If only we could just eliminate the hate and live together. a man can dream, a man could dream

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