I Took Pre-Workout Supplements For A Month: What I Learnt

I am a massive gym goer, I spend more time in a gym weights room than actually sat down watching television or even actually being a social person. As the world has sort of adapted to the fitness craze, more and more supplements and products have flooded the market.

Pre-workout, post workout and In between workout supplements, supplements for weight gain loss and fancy named green tea leaves and supplements to make you sleep better. We’re surrounded by supplements.

As I’ve been working in a physically demanding factory job, my energy levels have been a little low when going through the turnstile to heaven, I’ve found energy through coffee but I needed something else, so I turned to a pre-workout formula. 

In my mind, I’m thinking “this will hopefully give me a kick in the backside” so I stumbled to a supplement shop in my local shopping centre and picked up a packet of “NO-XPLODE pre-workout igniter”.

looking at the nutritional profile I discovered the contents of caffeine, B vitamins and other assorted stimulants, this surely would kick my ass and push me further. Considering a serving contained 300mg of caffeine it would and it surely did.

After drinking a half scoop. ( I don’t want to murder my heart) I felt a kick, such a kick I felt I’d never come down. Pulsing and shaking while lifting weights, My mind was fixated and wired. I’d Tuned out from the background tunes of the gym TV and the chatter around the Olympic station.

Later into my session, I experienced a comedown, my body became suddenly tried and heavy, my once buzzing focus was gone and in place was a mind covered in fog, I couldn’t string together a thought without losing concentration.

This would be the normality for sessions to come, after a decent weights sesh and a run around the park, Id usually have the energy to walk home from the gym ( a good 20 minute uphill walk) but I just couldn’t.

It also had an effect on my mood, I was happy that I had a good workout but felt deflated after the comedown, and on days when I didn’t have Pre-workout, I had zero drive for anything.

This made me question whether the pre-workout formula was necessary, As do I need to spend £10 on a drink mix that gives me a boost when my diet is incredibly healthy and my body is in great shape.

I sat down and researched Pre-workout, and I didn’t realise how much was going into the formula. In the formula I took, there were all the amino acids found in my usual Post workout Protein Powder (Myprotien) Taurine, 300MG of Caffeine (equal to 3 single espressos) and loads of other unreadable ingredients.

Scientific studys have shown caffine gives you a buzz, its a stimulant and gives you the drive to focus more, wereas the likes of the taurine and the Amino acids didnt. They were added in for marketing.

Not to mention the formula was an American import and There is no regulation on pre-workout supplements in the USA. I was spending money on a product which was making expensive urine.

I was pumping stuff into my body which was just getting wasted and checked away, Overdoing it on the amino acids, Pumping caffeine on top of my average three cups of coffee a day and throwing in B Vitamins that were never used in my body.

From doing this little experiment, my biggest takeaway is that supplements are a money grab. A way to get money for something unnecessary when I can just have a delightful coffee before my workout and enjoy a little social time.


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Author: Jordan Dodds

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