Hot Drink Heaven: A Fika For One

My life has been incredibly hectic as of late, I’ve started working full time for the summer before my upcoming university embankment, having to start at 07:00 on one week and on another at 14:00, Time to myself has become something sought after.

In my search for quality time, I stumbled upon the Swedish concept of Fika, in Swedish culture a Fika is a coffee break where we catch up with our peers and enjoy quality time together over a coffee and biscuits.

It’s a big social thing for the Swedish, similar to our concept of going on the sesh after work. But at this Fika its just going to be me and my faithful MacBook

A Fika wouldn’t be complete without the key element, coffee! And today’s Fika break is accompanied with the Taylors of Harrogate Fika blend. More mellow than my usual coffee type. Described as “A serene crisp roast with mellow flavours of toffee and hazelnut”.

The aroma of sweet toffee and the crunchy hazelnut shine through instantly. An enticing and beautiful combination, as the hot water landed on the grounds forming the delightfully dark colour.

After blending the coffee for 5 minutes, the plunge came down and the dark brown became a more relaxed light brown with the milk. That first sip and the gentle roast hits the tongue. The hazelnut and toffee compliment the caffeine. 

After each sip, I want more! So much so that I may make another, extending my Fika even further. Although it’s better with friends so I’ll stick to only one. A brilliant blend and one I’ll happily suggest when my friends come over and join me In a Fika.

Does into Hot Drink Heaven? No doubt what so ever 

Score? 5/5 

Will I drink it again?  Definitely even with or without friends

Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds