World Analysis: Europe’s Democratic Shakeup

2018 has been the year when the populism movement has spread further and wider than ever before, as more people become frustrated with the mainstream parties. In this edition of World Analysis, we look at the political earthquakes that have occurred in Europe this year

The Italian Po

Italy has become the latest country to embrace populism after a very tense general election where the populist Five Star Movement Party formed a coalition with the Far Right Party, The League.

This coalition has sprung after almost three months of political deadlock, where negotiations almost completely collapsed. This would have triggered snap elections and after the March elections where blood was spilt, this would have been a bad idea.

Spain’s Corruption Scandle

It’s Not just in Italy, where a political earthquake has occurred, In Spain, the Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has been removed from power after a vote of no confidence.

This vote come after the Prime Minister failed to act over a corruption scandal in the ruling party, the conservative Popular Party (PP) As the scandal surrounding the treasury of the party and that one of the former treasurer was sentenced to 33 years imprisonment.

This comes at a bad time for Spanish Politics, After the whole situation in Catalonia and Now that the Ruling party, The Spanish Socialist party has to run a minority government through collations with the smaller parties. in what has been described as a “Frankenstein” colation.

Two massive earthquakes that have shaken The EU, With the new prime minister of Spain being pro-Catalonian Independence and the EU is against it and an anti-EU party in a collation with a far-right party in Italy, the next few years are going to be rough for the EU.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds