The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: Was it Great or Just Ok? Part Two

The WWE did something unique this past Friday, becoming the first American promotion to hold a PPV Event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with The Greatest Royal Rumble, Despite the controversy around holding a wrestling event in the conservative country where Homosexuality is illegal and women have minimal rights, WWE managed to put on a decent show. Here is my review of the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble part Two

Seth Rollins V Finn Balor V Samoa Joe V The Miz For the Interconetnital Championship

This was the third and biggest Barnstorm match of the night, for amazing skilled technical wrestlers competing in a ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship, defending champion Seth Rollins took on former champ The Miz alongside Samoa Joe and Finn Balor.

With a multitude of false finishes and some of the most daring moves since the cruiserweight match, Seth Rollins Conducted a Heist Akin to the steal of the century by jumping off the top rope onto the top of the ladder to swipe the belt from under Finn Balor’s Nose. In a matter of Seconds, the scene was stolen and the crowd were stunned.

AJ Styles V Shinsuke Nakamura For the WWE Championship

After a clinic of a match at Wrestlemania and the shocking heel turn of Shinsuke Nakamura, this was a heated and emotional charged match, the clean and technical style of the best wrestler in the world AJ Styles and the artistry and strong style charm of Shinsuke boiled over and caused the match to end in a double count-out.

The last Good match of the night ended leaving us wanting more until the next two matches came up…

The Undertaker V Rusev In a Casket Match

The first show ruining match was the terrible squash match of Undertaker V Rusev, What good was this? undertaker is a living legend and hall of fame bound, he shouldn’t be used to squash one of the most over AF characters, Rusev.

Brock Lesner V Roman Reigns For the Universal Championship

Unpopular opinion, Brock Lesner is Crap, He is as stiff as a post and cannot tell a story, not even a picture story and for him to win clean Against Roman Reigns, one of the smoothest operators in the business, is just bloody stupid, Brock Lesner doesn’t respect the business and shouldn’t even be  champion when he doesn’t defend the belt often.

The Greatist Royal Rumble Match

Oh God the last match of the night and one that lasted an hour and forty minutes, 50 men battled in an over the top rope battle royal for the title of winner of the greatest royal rumble, To save time lets focus on two people. Daniel Bryan and Brawn Stroman.

Daniel Bryan is the best, he’s the loveable babyface who can spin gold anytime in the ring, after having to retire for two years because of injury and only having his first match at WrestleMania, he lasted forty minutes in the ring. quite simply stunning and beautiful.

as for Brawn Stroman, the monster among men, he managed to eliminate 13 men and now holds the record for the most eliminations in a rumble, Brawn won the match and can add the winner of the greatest royal rumble to his impressive collection alongside the WWE RAW Tag Team Championships with his buddy Nicolas the 4th Grader.

A good PPV with only a few bad matches and a few controversies so overall the Greatist Royal Rumble was good but not great. Maybe it should have been called the WWE Saudi Arabia Royal Rumble?

and if you’ve read both artlces, then congratulations and what was your thoughts on the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble? This has been Jordan’s Thoughts on the 30th of April


Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds