The WWE Greatest Royal Rumble: Was it Great or Just Ok? Part one

The WWE did something unique this past Friday, becoming the first American promotion to hold a PPV Event in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with The Greatest Royal Rumble, Despite the controversy around holding a wrestling event in the conservative country where Homosexuality is illegal and women have minimal rights, WWE managed to put on a decent show. Here is my review of the WWE Greatest Royal Rumble part one

Triple H V John Cena 

after the standard national anthem stuff and the promo package, the curtain-jerking match was a classic between the 16x time WWE champion John Cena and the Creator of the hottest wrestling brand NXT Triple H. Nothing really more to say apart from Big Match John scoring a pinfall victory and cutting a promo thanking the crowd.

Cedric Alexander V Kalisto for the Cruiserweight Championship 

The first barnstorm match of the night and a classic singles match featuring WWE 205 Live Stars Cedric Alexader and Kalisto, I Absolutely loved this match from start to finish, the agility and unique blend of strong style and Lucha Libre came together,

highlight include the series of forearms and kicks from the defending champ Cedric, through to some of the springboard offence from the Lucha Dragon Kalisto, but in the end, the champion continued his winning streak taking the match to a good 10 Minute bout of good sportsmanship

Bray Wyatt and WOKEN Matt Hardy V Sheamus and Cesaro for the RAW Tag Team Championship

Now the crowd had warmed up with two singles matches, the time came for the first tag match of the evening, with the unique team of the WOKEN one Matt Hardy and the Eater of worlds Bray Wyatt vs The Bar (Sheamus and Cesaro) for the RAW Tag Team Championships.

Two Strange bedfellow teams came together to produce a second barnstorm match, The two teams took the action to the centre of the squared circle with tag team moves aplenty, with The bar Taking a sister Abigale into a twist of Fate and thus beginning the expedition of gold for the team now referred to as “the deleter of worlds”

Jeff Hardy V Jinder Mahal for the United States championship 

Four Matches in and it was the turn of the First Interbrand match of the night With Jeff Hardy (Smackdown) V Jinder Mahal (RAW) for the United States Championship, Having come off a shoulder injury to claim the belt on RAW, Jeff hardy prooved he can still go the distance in a solid but short 6 minute match with the underrated Jinder Mahal who has been a beast since coming back from being released.

The Bludgeon Brothers V The Usos for the Smackdown Tag Team Championships 

After four good matches, there had to be a crap match and this was it, the bludgeon brothers squashed the Usos in under 5 minutes to keep the Smackdown Tag Team Championships, the crowd didn’t care and neither did I


That’s Just part one, check back tomorrow (30th of April for part two) This has Been Jordan’s Thoughts on the 29th of april







Author: Jordan Dodds

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