Hot Drink Heaven: IKEA Coffee, No need For an Alan Key for this one

When you were little, did your parents ever take you to IKEA?  its the greatest day trip imaginable! While your parents wanted to get a Billy Bookcase and a load of cutlery for absolutely cheap prices, you were fascinated with all the little rooms in the showroom and excited to get food at the cafe.

Well, I bet you didn’t know that IKEA does a range of Ground coffee! is there anything that IKEA Don’t do? from bookcases to jams, beds to Decorations and almost struggling with the English to Swedish language barrier.

After going around the showroom, I collected a vacuum-packed brick of the PÅTÅR Medium Roast Coffee, at a Price of £3.95 its one of the more expensive packs I’ve bought, You can’t just go to IKEA and not get something!

Described as “A well-balanced, elegant coffee with a nice acidity and a medium body and notes of fruit in the lingering aftertaste” and on the packaging as “Stay in the moment with a PÅTÅR, a second cup of coffee”

The coffee is a beauty of a roast, medium roast with a strong acidity and a medium body, the coffee when made is incredibly moreish, it gives you the jolt you need to keep going while giving you the craving for more

one of the more deceiving aspects is the smell, you get a strong whiff of hazelnuts and yet the coffee doesn’t taste of hazelnuts, its a mysterious one for the ages, the acidity isn’t overpowering and the aftertaste is warming and tongue-tingling, giving fruity notes.

The colour of the blend is much lighter than the typical coffee, with hints of light brown and malt chocolate blending the traditional black. cleaning out the cafetiere is simple with the coffee coming together naturally after water extraction.

Overall, IKEA have made a fantastic roast and one of the best ground coffee’s I’ve ever tried, so if you pop down to IKEA and  have  to assemble furniture with an Alan Key, Get yourself some PÅTÅR medium roast coffee and enjoy a moment before going nuts and swearing like a docker at that stupid cartoon character instructions.

Score 6/5

Does it go into hot drink heaven? without a doubt

Will I buy it again? Ja verkligen (Yes Indeed)

This has been Jordan’s Thoughts on the 15th of April



Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds