Jeremy Corbyn is Acting like a keyboard warrior on Disability , When really he should be an actual warrior

I’m not one to go off on a rant about politics, but I need too for my sanity, We have all seen what the Conservative Party has done to disabled people in the past seven years, scrapping Disability Living Allowance for PIP,

Forcing entitled disabled people, including people with autism to go through horrid and at times humiliating interviews and assessments. Cutting the funding for children with SEN in schools and gradually striping local authority budgets causing cuts to vital services.

It is a full-on war against disabled people, And yet we supposedly have someone in our corner, fighting and representing, Jeremy Corbyn of the Labour Party has vowed to fight for our rights and challenge the government on this war. Has Jeremy been fighting for us? challenging the horrid PIP assessments and the cuts to children with SEN in schools?

No, Rather than being a leader in the streets, He’s acting as a keyboard warrior sharing videos online of what its like to be autistic and posting photo ops at community groups pretending to give a rats backside.

Why is Jeremey saying he’ll fight our battle online and not in the commons, yet in PMQ’s he has the opportunity to tear the government a new one over the NHS and not mention the blantant discrimination that the government are doing to autistic people?

That we are not disabled because our disability is hidden? and those children who have autism cannot have support in schools because of the “tight Pocket” Tories want to penny pinch like no tomorrow.

Yet Jeremy sits back and shares posts online when the discrimination is happening around us, every day more people with disabilities are being refused the help they need to function and live a life. How about that Jeremy takes his online words and puts them to work in the commons, and fight for the rights of the disabled.

this was Jordan’s Thoughts on 8th of April

Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds