JT announce New Partnership,

Today Is a Brilliant day for Jordan’s Thoughts, as of today Jordan’s Thoughts forms a new partnership with a brilliant and well-renowned company, Jordan’s Thoughts is now working with Reynholm Industries

Reynholm Industries is pleased to welcome Jordan’s Thoughts as their new public relations department and in-house news production team, after all the founder of Reynholm Industries Mr Denholm Reynholm believed in teamwork so much he fired the entire fourth floor for not working as a team.

Unlike the fourth floor, Jordan’s Thoughts is a team of one and we all get along just nicely and we’ve never fought once, So much so that Current CEO of Reynholm Industries, Mr Douglas Reynholm has expressed praise towards the team quote “Jordan will be brilliant at iPod Parties” and “I hope Jordan is a woman because she sounds amazing” “so sexy”

Jordan’s Thoughts has always wanted to form a partnership with Reynholm Industries, Since being founded in 2016 it has always been the dream for Jordan’s Thoughts to become the public relations and in-house news production department. A leap forward from being one nineteen years old sat with a MacBook Pro Ranting on the internet because he wants to go into journalism.

Now Jordan’s Thoughts is one nineteen years old teenager with a MacBook Pro forever trying to cover the tracks of a company ran by a misogynistic womaniser. Jordan’s Thoughts in now based in the basement of Reynholm Industries Next to the IT department.

Our address

123 Carenden Road

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our new phone number:020 7946 3108 

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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds