JT Update: What’s going to be happening

Hello Everyone,

I have not been uploading many articles as normal lately, being honest I’ve been burnt out with other jobs I have had to do.

I’m a full-time college student, I’m about to go onto a work placement for 10 weeks and are looking for a part-time job to help fund my work. I am wanting to continue JT as I love doing this.

But right now, I just don’t have the mental capacity to get weekly articles out, you may have noticed the lack of Brexit commentary and the overall lack of current events coverage. I have been experimenting with different content styles and types.

Heres the four four two, JT is going to be changing, From March 4th Journaling Thoughts will be renamed to Jordan’s Thoughts, the change of name reflects the nature of the content on the site.

Jordan’s Thoughts will feature more human interest content, focusing on reviews, commentaries and opinion artlces. Jordan’s Thoughts will also feature a new colour scheme and typeface as well as a new logo.

Content will be fortnightly, with one article every two weeks on a  Saturday with a bonus artlce at the end of the month on a Sunday. This gives me a chance to recharge and focus on the tough months ahead.

I’m Jordan Dodds and this is my thoughts.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds