President Trump: One Year of Office and what has happened? Part One

2017 was an eventful year for the first none politician President, Donald Trump. Coming off the heels of a controversial campaign dogged by controversy.

The President has had a strange and definitely unique first year of office. Let’s Look at the first year of President Trump’s term. for each month of his first year, we will look at only one event as President Trump has had a lot on.

January 2017: The Whole Crowd Size at his inauguration

The first year started off with one of the more baffling battles between the Press and the President, As somehow the main focus was the crowd size of the inauguration, with the White House claiming the crowd size was the biggest ever, with the press trying to shut down the argument with the pictures taken.

What was the Actual point is this? does it matter what the crowd size was? was it worth the coverage? I don’t think so

February 2017: Michael Flynn Resigns 

Moving into the month of love, it was trouble in paradise for the President’s Security Advisor Michael Flynn, as the alleged allegations that Mr Flynn was in communication with the Russian government over sanctions and the possibility of lifting them. this was done before the Trump Administration came in, The Situation wasn’t helped that Mr Flynn lied to The Vice President and the Cheif of Staff.

March 2017: The Travel Ban Round Two

As the season changed from winter to spring, The President made the decision to implement the travel ban again, after being struck down by the courts, after amending the executive order to exclude Green Card holder.  But this travel ban didn’t last long.

April 2017: The Supreme Court has nine judges again.

After the death of Antonin Scalia, The Supreme Court of the United States was without a ninth judge, despite President Obama nominating Merrick Garland, it was President Trump’s nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch, a victory for Trump and the Republican Party.

May 2017: The Removal of James Comey as FBI Director

May would be the controversial month of the year, as President Trump removedJamess Comey as director of the FBI, this decision was controversial as the FBI was running an investigation into potential Russian interference in the 2016 Election. With the “Pundits” claiming it could be a White House Coverup.

June 2017: Au Revoir to the Paris Accords

President Trump doesn’t believe that Climate Change is man-made, following the Republican Party platform of climate change denial The President Made the decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords of 2015, making the United States and Syria the only countries not in the accords.

That’s Part One done, in the next article I will look at July to December. 2017 was a massive year. For Journaling Thoughts I’m Jordan Dodds.


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Author: Jordan Dodds

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