Fun, Welcoming and free of Judgement, The Y-ASC Group Art Exhibition

Just days before the Lumiere Festival in Durham, another event has stolen the spotlight. The Old Cinema Laundrette played host to the showcase of Y-ASC (Young Adults Support Café). A Mental Health peer support and art group.

Run By Investing In Children and Partnered with Waddington Street Centre. The Event showcases the young people’s mental health state through their art, whether it’s physically done or digitally.

The group meets every Tuesday evening from 17:00 to 20:00, the group is run for the members and by the members. The session is broken into two halves, the first being a café (17:00 to 18:00) and the second half being an optional art session.

It’s by far nothing like after-school clubs, the members are free to participate in anything they wish.

Surrounded by the nostalgic atmosphere of old-school washing powders and machines. The art takes centre stage. Postcards designed by the members greet us at the door, from pop art inspired to the freehand creative mind. Every card a picture of the mind.

Speaking of the mind, the centre stage for the exhibition, every member was asked to design what was on their mind. Cup as raig Rundle, the art support tutor described the work done by the members “talented group who have produced high-quality work showcasing different mediums and subject matters around a learner’s interest”

Bethany, A founding member of the group described the group as “A community we have built up and a family where we are all family and sit outside nattering about relationships, stress and Rupaul’s Drag Race”

Bethany also talked to me about her work, Describing the art work done as “deep and meaningful work with philosophical meaning, like my octopus which is enriched with meaning and complexity”

Abbey, Another Member of the group told me how the group has built up her confidence, that the group has “given me chance to break out my shell” and her artwork was “”terrifying and gory with a dark tone to it”

I also talked with jack, A now volunteer at the group, Told me About how to get involved with the group, “”all you have to do is drop in on a Tuesday night, or be refers through CAMHS (Children and adolescents mental health service)”

Chris Affleck, the facilitator of the group described Y-ASC  as “a safe space to express yourself without judgement and to be who you want to be” Chris described the work as “individuals and amazing and a great way to express creativity”

Overall A brilliant night of artwork, and if you’re interested in the art work pop down the Old Cinema Laundrette at Gilesgate 38 Marshall Terrace, Gilesgate Moor, Durham, DH1 2HX. If You want to know more about Y-ASC just pop into Waddington Street Centre Every Tuesday Night from 17:00 to 20:00

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Author: Jordan Dodds

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