World Analysis: Catalonia and The Push For Independence

2017 has been an eventful year, Trump in the White House, Brexit at large and another major event happening, In the Spanish region of Catalonia the push for independence has come to the forefront and right now tensions are at an all-time high. Let’s look at the Independents Movement in  Catalonia.

What is the Catalonian Independence movement? 

The Region of Catalonia in Spain has always had a distinct culture as well as autonomy, Since the return of democracy in 1978, Catalonia has wanted to completely break away from Spain. This is where the movement comes from.

Who is the leader of the independence movement?

As Catalonia is autonomous, they elect a president to oversee the parliament, the Current President is the centre-right politician Artur Mas who has held the role since 2010

How has the Population of Catalonia reacted to the movement?

Overall the population of the Catalonian region overwhelming support for the movement, according to the Independence referendum poll claimed that 90% of the survey supported, however, this is disputed

How has the Population of Spain Reacted to the movement?

In Spain, the viewpoint of the referendum is staunchly different, the government of Spain and the king of Spain Felipe VI  has declared that Catalonia should not become independent.

 What was the outcome of the referendum?

The result of the referendum that occurred on 1st of October 2017 was completed despite disruption came to a victory for the independence side with 90% voting for independence.

Was the referendum legal or not?

Despite Catalonian support for the referendum, the Spanish Constitutional Court as well as the European Union both declared the referendum illegal and not legally binding. Although this is disputed

What has Happened since the referendum?

A lot has happened in the three weeks, two pro-independence leaders have been arrested, the Spanish government is about to invoke article 115 of the Spanish Constitution which will suspend Catalonia’s Autonomy. It is a story still developing and more information will come as time passes.

Its a difficult topic and discussion is welcome in the comments below. For Journaling Thoughts I’m Jordan Dodds.


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Author: Jordan Dodds

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