Brexit Analysis: How Bad Would A No Deal Be For The UK

Brexit keeps meaning Brexit, Everyday we have more and more spin in what could be our exit. We have a Hard Brexit and a Soft Brexit, A Clean Brexit and Finally a Red White And Blue Brexit. But this week another Brexit option has come up, The No Deal Brexit. Let’s look at A No Deal Brexit and see what could happen if A No Deal Brexit Happens.

As we still are in the EU and the EEA (European Economic Area) we trade freely with other members. If a No Deal Brexit occurs we leave the EEA and will have to fall back onto the WTO (World Trade Organisation) where The UK and the EU would trade but with tariffs on both ends.

Red Tape 

Despite during the referendum we were told that Red Tape would be cut Post Brexit, The opposite could happen. In two White Papers published by the government suggest that “the appointment of many new Whitehall officials to cope with other negative effects on the economy.” As talks in Brussels could continue to be meeting more brick walls.

 Peace in Northern Ireland 
The Northen Ireland Peace arrangements could also be hit by the No Deal Brexit, John Bruton, the former Prime Minister of the Republic Of Ireland between 1994 and 1997, Has told the Independent that if Britain left the bloc without a settlement in place it would inevitably result in barriers being erected on the border between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, In turn, this could lead to more issues in Northern Ireland steaming from the Troubles.

The Cost 
As the UK is going to be expected to pay an Exit Bill, to cover shares of outstanding EU budget commitments. however If the UK Does crash out without a deal, this could be befitting to the UK, a House of Lords report said that “there would be no legal obligation for the UK to make any payment as part of a financial settlement.” This is down to uncertainty surrounding which Court will enforce it, either the ECJ (European Court of Justice) or the Supreme Court of The United Kingdom.

The Citizens Rights 
If the UK does crash out, the rights of EU citizens in the UK could change, without any entitlement of EU citizens to reside in the UK, in theory, EU Citizens could become third country nationals which would be subjected to domestic immigration, this would affect over three million EU citizens in the UK, also across the channel our rights as Citizens could also be affected badly.
With all that in mind, is A No Deal Brexit worth it? Tell me what you think in the comments below.
For Journaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds

Sources: BBC news The Independent and The Guardian

Author: Jordan Dodds

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