Journaling Thoughts on Autism: The Coping Strategies that have helped me

Welcome to Journaling Thoughts on Autism, in this article I Will Be Documenting How an Asperger Meltdown Happens. Be Warned this Artlce does contain strong language.

A Meltdown, When I lose Control over my behaviour, when I am overstimulated stressed and at the rope’s end, when all my strategies have failed. It’s Horrible.

I talked about the post Meltdown behaviour in a previous article, (click here to read it) But Today I’m going to talk about the actual meltdown. Here Goes…

I walked into college on Wednesday and I’ve had a really stressful week, Being placed into a group that I don’t like, having to get to know a brand new lecturer without any assistance at all. Having to deal with people plagiarising my work and not being taken seriously.

I Walk past my friends exchanging pleasantries and bantering on, as the clock turns 8:50 the rush begins and I’m being pushed around getting told to go to one classroom and then the other. I’m starting the rumbling stage. Then My lecturer pushes us into a class with completely unknown people and

Then My lecturer pushes us into a class with completely unknown people and it all goes down hill from here, The loud noise of the corridor with the pushing and shoving getting into the room sends me over the rumbling stage and into meltdown.

I Just Scream “Screw it I’m down with this shit” and proceed to walk out the building. I go into tunnel mode and gradually shut down with every step. And just with that, I’ve melted down.

Foaming at the mouth and pillaring back into the class I try to act like it never happened. I begin to participate in class until I was stared at by a class member.

I Throw my notebook and pen to the floor and turn my chair around. I completely stop interacting and go mute. I Just don’t listen and flagrantly break rules like no phones or no facebook.

For the whole lesson, I did not participate at all. That was the meltdown over with and for the rest of the day I had the bad downfall of Post Meltdown.

That’s what a meltdown looks like, Brutal honesty.



For Journaling Thoughts on Autism, I’m Jordan Dodds

Author: Jordan Dodds

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