Terrorism: If You’re Think We Are Reeling, Don’t Be Daft

We all see the pictures of when a terror attack happens in the UK, The media propelling project fear (Cough, CNN, Fox News, and MSNBC) as well as the unavoidable Islamaphobic Backlash (Looking at you, The Sun and The Mail). The World thinks “Oh My Goodness, They are reeling” and assumes we’re all scared.

That is complete Nonsense, In fact, we are quite the opposite. Whenever a Terror Attack happens in the UK Yes we do stop and think about the loss but then we carry on with life. Ever Heard of a little old saying called Keep Calm and Carry on?

Well, It’s Sort of a mantra for British Life, We Just Get on with our business and just live life. Look At the events after the Manchester Arena Attack, After the dust had settled we were back at our desks working hard and even occasionally bursting into a rendition of Manchester National Anthem, Don’t look back in anger.

If you need any further proof, Look what happened after the London Bridge Attack. We Kept Going to our bars and having a good old sesh. We don’t stop our all night sesh for one attack. We keep Going.

Even When the IRA was bombing the likes of London, Birmingham and other cities we kept our guard up and got on with life. We Were not afraid and we are not now. To the Great British Public, You Terrorists are nothing more than attention-seeking children and we will just ignore you.

Also, if you really want to make the people of Britain feel like there reeling from an attack. All You have to do is say either these two phrases… “Unexpected Item in the bagging area!” and “The train will not be running, A replacement bus service will be instead”


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Author: Jordan Dodds

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