Journaling Thoughts on Autism: The Coping Strategies that have helped me

Journaling Thoughts on Autism: The Coping Strategies that have helped me

Welcome to Journaling Thoughts on Autism, in this article I will be exploring the strategies that have helped me along my Ten-year journey with Aspergers Syndrome.

To Aid myself especially when I was younger, My Parents, Therapists and assistants help devise and implement a range of different coping strategies to ensure I could deal with my Aspergers.

The first strategy created in the most used one in the world, the timeout. Whenever I started to feel overstimulated and stressed out I would call out the sign for timeout and leave the room.

It used to be the corridor but as I have matured it has slightly changed. In College, I will leave the classroom and have a quick drink at the water fountain.

My second main strategy created was a means of showing my mood and behaviour pattern, I would use the Traffic Light colours as a way to engage with people to show my mood.

Green showed I was calm and behaving normally, Amber showed that I was beginning to get overstimulated, and red showed I was completely overstimulated and needed to take time out.

Even though It sounds childish it works brilliantly, As I have matured I don’t say the colours but I still use it to show my mood.

I also used to keep a journal of my thoughts, As I really struggled with the condition at the young age. Only I Read the thoughts as sometimes I would write some seriously dangerous thoughts.

Hopefully, These Strategies can help people with or without Aspergers. The Next Journaling Thoughts on Autism will be a repost of the article “Asperger Syndrome: How I’ve Used Fitness to Cope”

For Journaling Thoughts on Autism, I’m Jordan Dodds

Author: Jordan Dodds

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