Brexit Update: We’re Two Rounds In and leaving the ECJ

After a while without any real Brexit news, We’re back with A Brexit update! and this time we’re two rounds into negotiations and It’s been announced Were leaving the Europen Court of Justice.

Let’s Start with the news that Britan and the EU have gone through the second round of talks and negotiations surrounding the Uk leaving the EU. Currently stuck in the stalemate on a few major issues.

The main issues being the so called “Divorce Bill” that the UK may be paying to leave. As we have paid into the EU for a while now we have to settle the debt before leaving. At the Moment the UK’s Stance is we don’t have to pay it. While the EU’s Stance is the opposite.

While the issue surrounding the Irish Border proves to be difficult, as the Republic of Ireland is a member of the EU and Northern Ireland being part of the UK, The Border between the two is proving to be difficult. This is Party down to what happened during the Troubles and It’s a long story.

from the end of round two, it’s clear that the next rounds are going to be tougher from here on in.

Moving onto the second point, We will be leaving the European Court of Justice. This is what seals the deal on the Hard Brexit. As we are finally “Taking back our laws and governance”.

This is a huge step as we won’t work with the ECJ after Brexit, Where the most logical case will be that our highest court will be the Supreme Court. Hopefully, we will co-operate with the ECJ when needed but the victory goes to the Hard Brexiteers.

That’s it for this Brexit update, We’ll be back once more information about our exit comes clear. For Journaling Thoughts I’m Jordan Dodds. A Discussion is welcome in the comments below


Author: Jordan Dodds

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