IMO: How a Republican Government Would Work in the UK

Recently, There Has been some talk over the queen stepping down to allow Prince Charles to become king. Despite the falsehood, the republican movement has continued to question the need for a monarchy.

Today I thought that what if the Republican movement wins? What would we have to a head of state? Well to answer that we have two real options for the republican UK.

The first option is that we have a President and an Executive Cabinet. Similar to that of the USA. Rather than having a Prime Minister who is the leader, The President would be the head of state and in change.

This would mean that the UK would abandon the Westminster System of democracy in favour of a Congressional style system. Where the Commons would be the House of Representatives and the Lords would be the Senate.

This sort of system would require years of discussion and changes our unwritten constitution. As seen in Turkey it won’t be until 2019 until President Erdogan gets rid of the Prime minister.

The Second option would be the simpler option, We have a President as the figurehead of the country. Unlike the First option, the president would have similar powers to the queen but elected and chosen by us.

We’d still have the Westminster system but our government would work like Germany Where the President Just Precedes and the Chancellor or Prime Minister does all the work.

I think if the worst happens and we do get rid of the monarchy, The UK would still be a shining example of democracy. I’d like to hear your thoughts on this. A discussion is welcome in the comments below.


This was IMO by Jordan Dodds For Journaling Thoughts

Author: Jordan Dodds

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