Jeremy Corbyn: I Was Wrong

A While Back on JT, I Wrote an article about Jeremy Corbyn and how he was an ineffective leader and now today I write this to apologise to Jeremy.

This past general election was the closest in history and had the most wired outcome. Despite Jeremy Corbyn and Labour losing out to Theresa May and The Tories, Labour came out the winner by losing. By Jeremy Corbyn running his best campaign yet.

So what I’m saying is Jeremy Corbyn, I take back all my criticisms over you and apologise.

The Campaign you ran changed my perception of you, At every stop you made you pulled in huge crowds. in Newcastle you had over 10,000 people listen to you and at the Durham Miners Gala, you had 200,000 people.

In every speech, you wore your heart on your sleeve and with pride stood next to your beliefs of what the UK should be. Crying out for the safety of the NHS and bellowing out for change to the UK.

And even with the press opting to smear your name and drag it through the mud you kept ploughing on. Attending Debates and wanting to discuss values.

As as you are now riding on a wave of momentum, A wave bigger than Tony Blair in the 90’s all I can say now is to keep the hard work going and lead Labour higher.

Now, this article is quite biased but I felt the need to do this to ensure my slate is clean. That for as long as I continue to keep my coverage fair and balanced as possible. Occasionally I will have to take back words and apologise.

It seems to be something we journalists are not good at, knowing when we are wrong. When we either reporting things wrong or be critical without reason. It takes a Big man to admit when wrong and I have done that.

Tune in Next Monday and Friday for more Journaling Thoughts, with the 3rd instalment of the De-United KIngdom and another Friday article. For Journaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds




Author: Jordan Dodds

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