The De-United Kingdom: Did the EU Referendum Divided us?

In this instalment of the De-United Kingdom, Jordan Dodds Takes a look at the effect the EU Referendum had on the UK’s division. How misinformation and fake lies helped push the UK out of the EU and Dividing the UK in the process.

Every day seems to bring us a different Brexit related story, one day we are pushing for soft Brexit another We’re spouting jibberish about the Customs Market and another day we’re bashing the EU for being big.

This Country was already beginning to divide however Brexit and the referendum pushed the divisions into the mainstream. How did A referendum on membership of the EU divide us?

The lies of leaving

On the vote leave side of the campaign, So much misinformation was spread on what the EU does. The Most Obvious one was the flat out lie about the cost of membership, “We spend £350 Million a Week Let’s Fund the NHS instead”

Another lie was the thought that Britain would prosper after Brexit, Sure there is a possibility, however, we Don’t know the full outcome yet. It’s a complex and ever-changing world.

Project Fear

Throughout the campaign, Vote Remain played their trump card, The Fear of leaving. Claiming that another recession would occur and that jobs would be lost. Neither of this has happened! Surprised? I’m certainly not

The Sheer Toxicity 

The whole campaign was in a nutshell, a complete toxic nightmare. Every week was an excuse to tear shreds and accuse the other side of peddling lies. Amplifying this was the press printing sheets of which hunts and public burnings of the other side.

It became so toxic that attacks began to happen. Jo Cox, A remain supporting MP was Shot and killed because of her view on the referendum. Not to mention the attacks on Leave supporting MPs.

After all of that, No wonder we are divided. Such a lie filled shitstorm swirling around misinformation. If we were to go back in time and redo the referendum. Let’s Do it on pure correct information and have an open and free discussion on it.

For Journaling Thoughts, This Has been another entry in the De-United Kingdom series. Written By Jordan Dodds. A Discussion is welcome in the comments below.








Author: Jordan Dodds

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