The De-United Kingdom: Has the Press Divided us?

In this instalment of the De-United Kingdom, Jordan Dodds Takes a look at the effect the press has had on current events and how the press has helped sow the seeds of division in the UK.

We are surrounded by press everywhere we go, With the radios playing at nearly every building, Televisions all around looping the 24-hour news cycle and the newspapers at the step of every store. How is it that we have divided by the press? after all, they all share the same goal, right?

Well, It’s wrong, the press has clearly all got different ideas on what the end goal is, The Mail, The Express and The Sun believe that immigrants are out to steal our way of life and our ever so expanding jobs. That the Solution is to embrace the far-right and become nativist and nationalist. Abandoning the corner store

Abandoning the corner store of British Values, Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths. Choosing to spread lies and fake news of the other side of the political isle. Which Violates the value of democracy right to the face.

Choosing to Spread lies and far right propaganda, That All Immigrants are doing is coming to steal our jobs and rob our benefits system dry, That one in five Muslims support ISIS and that The Opposition leader wants to turn the UK into the Soviet Union.

But it’s not just the Right Wing Press who have marched on to their own Beat, The Like of the Daily Mirror, The Guardian and BBC have all done the best to drive the knife through the butter of the UK.

Rather than concocting lies about immigration or Islam, They chose to play project fear and mindlessly walk us around the circle of doom and gloom. Always throughout the EU referendum that the UK would crash and crumble if we left the EU.

That our fabric would tear and factions would prevail, It’s all scaremongering and not to mention the attacks on the opposite side of the isle.

Beating any Tory MP who has a bad interview, unnecessarily criticising small details in policy and attacking those who seem to be “Not Politicly correct”

It’s because of such a far left and far right press is why we are divided so deeply, That what we see is such a dystopian warp of real life. We See what the press see and we can act on our vision.

If we were to believe everything we saw in the likes of the Mail, We’d all be shooting Immigrants and bradning all muslims as ISIS. and if we were to beleve everything the likes of The Mirror and The Gaurdian We’d all be telling each other off for “Not being politicaly correct” and banding critics as haters.

If the Press Was to soften there stances and start reporting the news. As nothoing but News we would be united once more. If the UK is to be United we need the press to start doing there job more often.

For Journaling Thougths, This Has been the De-United Kingdom series. Written By Jordan Dodds. A Discussion is welcome in the commets below.





Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds