Election 2017 Fallout: The Tory DUP Deal Explained

In the last election-related article on JT, We look at the now signed deal between the Conservatives and the Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) and what it means for the UK and Northern Ireland.

The Outcome of the election was a true surprise to everyone, especially The Tories who despite losing the majority they had still were optimistic as they had clung onto power by phoning the DUP to help them. As this deal is unique I thought I would take a look at it and try to explain it.

What is the Deal?

The deal is not like the 2010 Collation between the Conservatives and the Lib Dems. The Deal Between the Conservatives and the DUP is referred to as a confidence and supply arrangement.

What is a confidence and supply arrangement?

A confidence and supply arrangement works in the way that: One Party is in charge of the government and the second party acts as a prop up for when critical votes happen in the Commons, In this case, The Conservates are in power whereas the DUP helps them when needed.

What has the DUP received from the Tories for this deal?

The DUP has received an extra £1 Billion for the next two years to add extra funding to Northern Ireland. However, it isn’t just big money payouts the DUP have received from this deal.

The DUP has also managed to negotiate down some Tory policy, The deal has guaranteed that the State Pension Triple lock will not be changed, click here to find out more on that.

The deal also ensures that Northern Ireland will remain in the Union of the UK, Both Parties have the same stance on the Union and that the level of devolution to Northen Ireland remains the same (if NI can get Stormont Back up and running with a power-sharing agreement)

Are there some Worries over this deal?

There is only one major worry with this deal, As mentioned above Northern Ireland’s Power sharing agreement has collapsed and negotiations to restart it are coming up short

by having one party is a working relationship with the government could affect the bias and balance of the negotiations and could break The Good Friday Agreement.   

Other than the usual Conservative Party worries, There is not much to worry about and as this agreement goes on, we at JT will keep you informed.

For Journaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds. A discussion is welcome in the comments below. P.S stay tuned as a brand new summer series will begin next Monday on JT.



Author: Jordan Dodds

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