Election 2017: The Fallout Begins

Ladies and Gentlemen, It Actually Happened. In a shock to not just a shock to the public but a shock to the world. Today the UK is still governed by the Conservatives.

Despite a hung Parlament being called in the exit poll, and an actually hung parliament happening. We are now governed by two of the most right-wing parties in modern Britain.

As the Conservatives didn’t have enough MP’s to form a full majority government. The Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) has offered to go into an informal agreement to keep the conservatives in power.

This is the worst outcome possible for the UK, We are now governed by a party who wants to privatise the NHS and a party which if possible scrap LGBT rights. possibly leading us crashing out the EU without a deal.

As the election is now technically over, so does our coverage of the election. As the fallout continues to rain down we will keep you informed. JT will be back to normal coverage on

JT will be back to normal coverage on next Monday with a bonus article every Friday as well.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

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