Election 2017: The winners and Losers From The BBC Debate

In this week’s article, we focus on the BBC debate. All seven parties were present with five leaders and two representatives.

as we reach the penultimate week before the big day on June the 8th. another major event happened. The Second Televised debate between the parties; The BBC Presented this round with Mishal Husain presiding over events.

In a bitter and at times uncomfortable debate, winners shone through while the losers crashing and burning. Let’s look at the winners and losers from the BBC debate.

Winner: Labour 

For only announcing his participation a few hours before the event, Jeremy Corbyn had the strongest performance of the campaign. Staying on message and tearing into Amber Rudd on the disastrous Personal Independence Payment (PIP) and how the Tories “are wanting to take PIP away from disabled people”.

it wasn’t just Amber Rudd on Jeremy’s shredding scope. UKIP took a few hits, on the issue of business rates Paul Nuttall tried to imply that business would leave the UK if rates were made higher, Jeremy tore that insult down with “It’s complete nonsense”

Winner: The Green Party

Another really good night for the Green Party, Caroline Lucas put up a scathing attack on the conservates. referring to the cuts imposed on the NHS and services that help the most vulnerable as “Insulting”.

The Green Party are having the best performance ever, without a doubt on election night there could be more green voices in the chambers of Westminster.

Biggest Loser: Lib Dems 

the Lib Dems had a really good night, however the tone struck by the leader Tim Farron killed the performance. consistently attacking all sides with bitter and uncivil words. at one time, Tim Farron told the audience ” Theresa May is outside eyeing up the cost of your house to pay for social care”


Loser: The conservatives 

Not only did Theresa May not even show up to the debate, Amber Rudd has an absolute nightmare of a performance. Struggling to keep the debate civil at all and being the target from each and every side.

It wasn’t just the attacks that caused the poor performance, it was the sound bites. Constantly telling Jeremy Corbyn there “isn’t a magic money tree” for all the ideas. Another poor showing from the Conservatives.

Looser: UKIP and the SNP 

sadly, the SNP didn’t put up a good fight in the debate, acting more as a filler for a podium. nothing memorable at all from the SNP.

As for UKIP, It’s gotten worse for Paul Nuttall. Another bumbling and stumble-filled performance saw UKIP seem irrelevant. going for the patriotic approach didn’t work at all.

That was the BBC Debate wrapped up, for Next week’s final article I will be concluding the coverage with a personal opinion piece on the campaign with my predictions for the next government. Check back next Wednesday for that one.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

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