Election 2017: The Very Latest Happenings

Welcome to This week’s instalment of Journaling Thoughts coverage of the General Election. In this week we recap the manifestos, review the debate, and see how the parties are polling.

Another week has flown by, and what a week it was. So much happened and the lead has changed in the polls. Let’s Start this brief with the latest on the manifestos.

All manifestos were put out

Last week saw all the big political parties bring out the manifestos, the promises and pledges they intended to keep and deliver if elected. Labour have gone back to the leftist roots with the pledge to scrap tuition fees and pump more money into the NHS.

The conservatives came under scrutiny over their manifesto, Pledging to end free school meals and a “dementia tax”. the dementia tax would have been where the estate of a person who was cared for at home paying the cost back of the care.

UKIP’s Manifesto was nothing to write home about, sticking to the classic UKIP playbook on immigration and Brexit. Nothing special and not worth writing too much about.

and Finally, the Lib Dems, Who have promised to give the people a final vote
on the potential Brexit deal we achieve and promising to fund the NHS through a 1p tax on everyone. Not to mention the potential legalisation of weed.

All that is just a summary of the manifestos, over the next week a bonus article on each manifesto will come out.

The first debate: Winners and Losers

The first Debate aired last Thursday on ITV, with only five of the seven leaders participating. Labour and Conservatives refused to take part. Overall nothing major happened at the debate. Here are the Winners and Losers from the debate.

Winners: The Green Party, Plaid Cymru, The Lib Dems and The SNP

Just by being part of the debate earned Plaid Cymru and the SNP the winner status. As the Two parties are not in England and don’t really have any candidates standing. 

However that being said, the Lib Dems and the Green Party performed the
best of the night. Both Parties who don’t get half the air time the other parties do, shone bright and got their message across effectively.

Losers: Labour, Conservatives, and UKIP

By not taking part in the debate, Labour and the Conservates lost big time. by not even engaging or even showing up at the debate cost both parties some much-valued air time. A very disappointing blow to both.

However, UKIP were the biggest losers of the night, a humiliating and embarrassing performance in the debate. UKIP leader Paul Nuttall just couldn’t string a sentence together at all. stammering and stuttering and at every opportunity looking at his script.

And that is everything that happened this week, Such a busy week condensed into one article. Stay tuned for more as the countdown till June the 8th gets closer and closer.

For Journaling Thoughts, I’m Jordan Dodds a discussion is welcome in the comments below.

P.S after midnight on the 22nd of may is the deadline to register to vote! Go get registered now before its too late!






Author: Jordan Dodds

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