Election 2017: This Weeks Brief

In this article for Journaling Thoughts, We take a look at the events that happened this past week in the campaign.

Another Week has passed in the election this year, already half way there towards the great June 8th when We’ll cast our votes. The Parties have been extremely busy, canvassing and campaigning. Let’s take a look at what they’ve been up to this past week.

The Tories came to the North East

In a Bold Move this past week, Theresa May brought the Tory Battle Bus up to the North East. The North East has always been a labour heartland and its clear Theresa Wants to inflict damage to an already weak labour party.

Promising to protect the hard working patriotic workforce of the North East, Theresa May Took a Serious Grilling off the Evening Chronicle and the BBC on why the North East should go blue on June 8th

The Labour Party Manifesto Leaked

In a Moment last week, a draft version of the Labour Party Manifesto was leaked to the press. With the draft version including the party stance on tax and business, the NHS and housing.

In a nutshell, the draft manifesto outlined: How Much Tax would businesses pay, More funding for the NHS and the building of 100,000 new council homes. It also covered the scrapping of tuition fees.

A Pact Between Labour and the Lib Dems?

This one flew under the radar last week, As a Lib Dem candidate in Bury North has started to persuade voters to vote for the Labour Candidate in Bury.

Could this mark the start of a possible pact between the parties to stop the conservatives from making a landslide majority? currently, there is no official word on this but the Greens have openly admitted to forming a pact between the parties to stop the conservatives.

UKIP are being tactical this time

UKIP are playing a different game this election, after what can only be described as a nightmare in the local elections, UKIP is not going to field candidates in every contest up and down the country. But rather in select areas

For a Party that got wiped at the local level, it’s clear now that UKIP is wanting to push ahead and claim seats at Westminster.

The Greens Want to legalise Prostitution   

And Finally this week, the green party have announced that in their manifesto that The Green Party wants to legalise Prostitution in a bold move that no other party has done.

As Prostitution is still quite the taboo, its a big step towards the Green Party’s vision of a more progressive society.

And that is a summary of last week for the big five parties, we’ll keep bringing more information throughout the campaign. Until next time, For Journaling Thoughts  I’m Jordan Dodds. A discussion is welcome in the comments below.

It is So important to vote as every vote counts, Any party could win this election and they need you to help.  #YourVoteCounts Register here to vote on June 8th But Hurry the deadline is the 22nd of May. Don’t Delay an d get registered!



Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds