Brexit Update: Its Time To Trigger

Welcome to a very special Brexit Update today, As the Prime Minister has just announced in this week’s Prime Ministers Questions that the UK is to invoke Article 50 and start the official process of leaving the EU.

Yes after nine moths of speculation and multiple different and stupid media buzz terms. were finally going to start the process. Although it feels way longer than nine months.

What happens now? it’s relatively straight forward. As both sides have now agreed to trigger Article 50, The UK and EU enter a two-year window to negotiate not just our exit but our future relationship with the EU. What parts of EU law we want to keep and what will be our final payment to the EU.

All of this has to be completed within two years, a very hard task considering our current plan is a Hard Brexit where we just leave everything and start again. If we fail to sort out the negotiations then we just leave completely and that could be really bad for our economy.

As always Journaling Thoughts is going to be keeping you in the loop of what is happening, Brexit Update Will Bring you the very latest from the negotiations. By march 29th 2019 we will have left the EU and complete Brexit.

I say this everytime, the road to Brexit is going to be a long and windy road with lots of speed bumps along the way. Let’s hope our negotiation team can steer the UK out the EU with the right deal.

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