Donald Trump: The First Two Months

Donald Trump, The Billionaire, the businessman and now the President of the United States has had a rollercoaster start to his first Presidental term. From Spending so much time at Mar-a-Lago to the debacle over the executive order travel ban. So much has happened, let’s take a look at the Trump Presidental term.

The Inauguration speech 

We Start with the Inauguration speech made on his inauguration, The Speech was noted for the negative tone set throughout. with referrals to the crumbling of the infrastructure to the closing of factories. Despite that Trump, in my opinion, nailed the body language with the correct hand gestures to match the tone.

The Travel Ban Debacle

Not wasting any time in office, Donald Trump signed the Executive order banning travel from seven mainly Muslim countries, the order was very vague and left lots of errors. as a result, some Green Card holders were banned from the USA and left millions of people stranded. The Courts struck down the order along with the Second attempt.


Despite Barak Obama announcing Merrick Garland as the pick for the supreme court. congress refused and as such President Trump Announced that Neil Gorsuch would be nominated for the post. Congress have yet to start confirmation hearings for this.

The Relationship With The Media

Wow, this is going to be long but here goes, Since before being elected President. President Trump Has has had a very strained relationship with the Media and it has become even more toxic.

In his first solo Press Conference, President Trump took aim at CNN and referred to CNN as fake news, on Twitter President Trump has continued the tirade against CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and the Washington Post to name a few. Referring to them as enemies of the people.

The relationship has gotten worse with Sean Spicer (President Trump’s Press Secretary) Banning CNN, NYT, BBC and Buzzfeed from a Press event.  (full list can be found here)

This Is scratching the surface of the presidency as so much has happened. if I was to write everything that had happened this would be too long. In the next Article on Donald Trump, I will go further into the events and provide anaysis.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

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