Brexit Update: The Lords Vote And The EU Leaders Talk

Hello and welcome to the second Brexit update here on JT, Where we take a look at the happenings in the world of Brexit and summarise it for you. in this update the Brexit bill went to the House Of Lords and more EU leaders have given their opinion on Brexit.

Let’s start today with the house of Lords, In the last update, I talked about the government voting on the article 50 bill. Now it has moved up into the Lords for critiques and amendments. At the time of writing the lords approved the bill with one amendment. the amendment being the guaranteeing of EU citizens currently in the UK after Brexit.

For once the Lords has done something good, by guaranteeing the status of EU citizens it stops the government using them as bargaining chips when article 50 is triggered. However, the government is not happy over this. We’ll discuss this later on before this goes into law.

Moving onto the second point today, Since the Last update, more EU leaders have come forward to express concern at what the UK wants to do. French President François Hollande has stated that the UK must Loose all EU perks if it wishes to leave


francois_hollande_2015French President François Hollande has stated that the UK must Loose all EU perks if it wishes to leave completely. This is kinda stating the obvious but it’s going to happen if we stick with hard Brexit.


But We’re not getting just criticism from the EU leaders, the more hardline Eurheerd-wilders-iconosceptic challenges in The Netherlands, Geert Wilder the leader of the Far right party “Party of Freedom” has praised Brexit and wishes to follow with their own exit from the EU.


And that’s the Brexit Update for the 6th of March, we will have a special article when article 50 is triggered and Stay Tuned here On JT for the first in another new series on Donald Trump. that will go live next Monday only on JT

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