The Problem with the Labour Party Right Now

The Labour Party, The centre-left political party of England and the champion of the trade unions. Up here in the north is the heartland of Labour where the vast majority of MP’s are Flying the red flag.

Although it may still be the official opposition, the part is heading to a split and possible destruction. This can be Traced down to one person, the leader Jeremy Corbyn. Now before I get hounded off the internet with all the “you’re anti-Corbyn and a Blairite” I’m not one of those, I’m someone who cares about Labour.

So with clarity out the way, the reason I say that Labour is splitting is down to how Jeremy has handled being the leader. When Standing in the 2015 content Jeremy Promised to hold the government account and challenge them at every turn. Has that happened? I don’t think so….

During the now famous EU referendum that you can read all about in the many articles here on JT Here,  Now back to article. during the referendum, Jeremy campaigned for remain. Like I did, however, instead of coming together with David Cameron Jeremy just sat back and did nothing for the cause.

Since the referendum, Labour has a muddled position on Brexit, so muddled that during the vote on the Brexit bill 59 MPs voted against the bill (link to bill here)

Not to mention the body language Jeremy uses, I can read people based on body language and every time Jeremy goes on either Andrew Marr or Peston on Sunday his body language gives off the impression of he just can’t be bothered and it’s too much work.

Then there are the polls, in the most recent opinion polls by ICM for the Guardian Newspaper show that Labour is down to 27% (February 5th, 2017). when compared to October 2015 which was 32%. full source here.

It’s not looking good especially with the Stoke By-Election coming up. a strong labour heartland being challenged by the Far-Right UKIP. The only way Labour will be able to get back to the strong

The only way Labour will be able to get back to the strong centre-left army they once were is to hold onto Stoke and find a new leader as if Jeremy Corbyn stays in Labour will split even further and will crumble to the ground.

Thanks for reading as always let’s discuss this further and have a chat in the comments. For Journaling Thoughts I’ve been Jordan Dodds.



Author: Jordan Dodds

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