The hypocrisy behind the Women’s March

This past week saw the 2017 women’s march on Washington, an event to protest at the positions of Donald Trump as president. An event that drew a lot of controversies and hypocrisy over it. With one being Madonna commenting that she’d love to blow up the white house. Others controversies being the backlash over the event on social media.


The event was covered very positively in the media, whereas Journalist Pires Morgan commented on how hypocritical the march was

Granted the words aren’t there but the message is clear, there is a hypocrisy in how things are perceived. Let’s Take a step back one second and see the bigger picture. The World has this two-faced approach to speaking our mind.

Take Loose Women, for example, the show ran a segment on why every woman should have a gay best friend. No Surprises but this caused a backlash over the sheer homophobia present. Yet OFCOM has not prosecuted ITV over this

But if a man was to do this on Mainstream Television. they’d be utter holy hell on. OFCOM would prosecute and they guy would be blacklisted from TV for good.

Not to mention the fact that, during the Olympic Opening ceremony two presenters from NBC both female sexually objectified the flag bearer from Tonga. because of the traditional dress. If a man did that with women he’d be literally be fired on air.

Now we’ve had some clarity, let’s go back to the tweet. some of the criticism levelled at the tweet was unjustified and some criticism was fair and justified. Granted I wouldn’t have written like that. But deep down the message was clear there is a double standard when it comes to this sort of thing.

If a man gets into trouble over a tweet then women can in all if men can get into trouble for casual homophobia so can women and if men get in trouble for sexually objectifying the opposite gender so can women. in a fair society that would be the case.


Please feel free to discuss this. if we can openly talk about this then were one step closer to a fair and equal society. For Journaling Thoughts I’ve been Jordan Dodds thanks for reading.

Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds