AEI Cables, 175 years coming to an end

This week has been horrible for the North East, after 175 years of cable production has announced the factory is to close its doors with the loss of 185 jobs including my own father.


AEI Cables has been circling the end for a few years now, six years ago the factory almost went under but was saved with some layoffs, now the inevitable has happened. after being bought by Ducab in 2014 the factory has made nothing but losses and is no longer viable.

From today only 40 people will be kept on to wrap up the last orders, then after that only 13 will stay as AEI moves into sales and admin work. A huge blow.

The closure comes at a massive cost to the local economy, Birtley is one of the poorest parts of Gateshead and this massive blow has a knock on effect. Some of the local food establishments rely on the factory workers for main trade.

Not to mention the sentimental effect this has on the area, Birtley was once an industrial based town with factories scatted around. from BEA systems to Komatsu, Birtley Thrived on Factories and with only one left. it just hard to imagine.

It’s Hard to see and upside to this, but in this case, there is one positive. the closure allows for the now laid off workers to pursue a different career.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

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