The Alan Turning Law

Tonight, I take a good look at the Alan Turning Bill, This Bil would see all men who were convicted of “homosexual acts” when being gay was a crime in the UK have their convictions stricken from the record.

It is named after the WW2 Agent Alan Turning who helped crack the german codes. Unfortunately, Alan Turning was convicted of a “homosexual crime”. Alan was chemically castrated and later committed suicide. 

As times have changed and British society is more tolerant of LGBT, the government had proposed a law overturning any conviction of a “homosexual act”. However, it has had some turbulence coming into effect.

Despite no opposition to this bill, it has failed in the commons today. Neither Party could agree on the details. The opposition parties (Labour, SNP and the Lib Dems) Proposed a slightly different bill to the one being pushed by the government (conservative). 

The Specifics of the two bills are marginal and I don’t see the point of the other bill. this was a pure waste of time. The government are already wanting to put this into law, so why to launch an opposition bill? it makes zero sense.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds