This Week on the Sunday Talk Shows (9th October 2016)

In this new series on this blog, i will be summarising and review what happened on Peston on Sunday. it’s this week on Sunday talk shows.

We start with Peston on Sunday

This week, Justine Greenling the Education Security was in the hot seat. Robert Questioned Justine on the Grammar School debates asking on how many would open and how they help the local area. 

Robert Also Grilled Justine on the possibility of more faith schools and the potential culture clash, as the majority of faith schools, are opposed to LGBT Rights. This could cause more anti-LGBT prejudice. Justine responded by citing the 50% rule for free schools. 

In the Paper and headline review, Robert and the reviewers (Alistar Campbell and Craig Oliver) commented on the recent Scandal involving Donald Trump. Both reviewers noted that this scandal could ruin Trump’s chances at winning the White House.

This latest scandal  could kill Donald’s opportunity at the White House

In Next week’s edition, I will be reviewing The Andrew Marr Show. and as always until next time…

See you around 


Author: Jordan Dodds

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