The Grammar School Debate: My Thoughts

As the news has been reporting for the past two weeks, the current education security is pushing for the return of Grammar Schools. The Debate on the Grammar Schools surrounds one major element. The way schools select the students.

All Grammar Schools currently use the 11+ test to select students, This test is designed to challenge students on Maths and English skills. Questions can be similar to this:


As you can see this question can be tough, I am 18 and have a GCSE Grade C in maths and Level 2 Functional Skills in English and I struggled with the question. Imagine for a second you’re 11 years old and you see this. I know that I would fail this imminently.

Supporters of the proposed idea say that it will increase the quality of education and will bring up standards, but what id say is will it? The very same government also said by changing the GCSE’s from the  A-U system to the new Grade 9-1 system would improve and has that improved standards?

Not to mention that this is pure class warfare, as Grammar Schools can select students, this opens the door for some schools to select students based on their social class or on how much their family earns. Tony Blair was right to ban Grammar Schools. 

So tonight I finish my piece with a question for you all, would you think it is fair to give some students a better education over their peers? Is it right to select students based on a test with a question like this:


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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds