Brexit: The Biggest Waste of democracy

This year has been dominated by one word, Brexit. This Year Britain voted to leave the European Union. an overwhelming 51% of the public voted to leave while 49% voted to remain.

As someone who campaigned and supported Remain, I was very disappointed at the decision. I genuinely thought the merits of staying were stronger than the merits of leaving.

The decision to leave should have started by now. the majority of the propaganda on the “leave” side was to have a swift exit and article 50 being triggered. however, none of that has happened.

Our Prime Minister Theresa May has said that Brexit negotiations won’t start until 2017. If that does happen and article 50 is triggered it won’t be until 2019 when we officially leave.

All the promises from Vote Leave are false. The money saved on membership won’t be spent on the falling to bits NHS. it will be spent on joining the Single Market. And the restriction of free movement? Cannot happen as in order to join the Single Market we have to allow free movement.

All this stupid referendum has done is:

1) Made Xenophobic views normally and perfectly acceptable. Case in point the rise in the amount of xenophobic hate crimes recorded

2) Allowed for people to be sucked into lies. Case in point the fact that no money will be going to NHS 

3) Wasted our time, Case in point the fact that Article 50 won’t be triggered until 2017.

I repeat what I’ve said, Brexit is and was a big waste of time and democracy. No good will come of this and if good does come I’ll eat my hat.

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Author: Jordan Dodds

Lead Author and Owner of Journaling Thoughts, Journalism Student at Sunderland University follow on twitter @its_jordandodds