Hot Drink Heaven: A Muffin Break in a Busy Day

Every Sunday, I always go to Washington and drop my partner off at work. Its become a little ritual that before I Go back home, I call off and grab a coffee and have a little time to relax before the hustle and bustle of my normal Sunday.

To say that I’ve been everywhere in Washington for a coffee is an understatement, So it’s more of what I’m craving on the day is where I go, and this week I wanted a little trip back to somewhere I haven’t been for a while.

Muffin Break is one of the best coffee chains out there, especially the Washington branch, Its a mix of the staff who work there, the quality of the coffee there and the fact its the best place to people watch.

my goto order is the classic Italian Cappuccino, The breakfast stallion created with espresso and milk. Best drank in the morning, it’s a gentle way to warm up.

while my Italian stallion was being handmade I could see the rich black espresso blending with the whole milk to form the chestnut colour with the foamy head.

As the foam gently lay over the rink and the cocoa dusting settled to form the perfect latte art, the time came to enjoy and savour the moment.

The first sip and the gentle foam begins to clash and battle with the bitter coffee, the buzz of the caffeine going into the system waking every fibre up.

as the further down I went, the taste of the roast came through, the cocoa dusting blending with the sharp undertones of the roast. An excellent choice of the roast.

And at the end of the cup was the smile at the bottom, A promise that never lets down the customer.

Overall Muffin Break will forever be in Hot Drink Heaven with a score of 5 for taste, texture and presentation.





Will Football be coming home? or will we wait another 30 years of Hurt? A Guide to Surviving The Semi Final of the World Cup

If you are like me, then you frankly couldn’t care about the World Cup. I Have never truly followed football at all and would rather be doing something else.

But as tonight is rather important for Football Fans, I Present to you the guide to surviving the World Cup Semi-Final, The Do’s and Don’ts to help you and your friends enjoy the match together.

Do: Engage in light Discussion about the sport

Even if you badly explain the offside rule, or begin a rant about why we have VAR (Video Assistant Refereeing) Talking about football will help the game pass over without issue.

Don’t: Do Not Say Things like “I hate Football!” and “It’s Rubbish”

It’s So tempting to go full frontal with your honest opinion on the sport, But being honest about your true feelings towards football can be a quick way to landing up in a puddle of body fluids and ending friendships.

Do: Be The one to offer Drink/Snack Rounds

Just because you don’t follow football means you shouldn’t feel excluded, let the hardcore fans enjoy the game without interruption and offer to go get more drinks and snacks, Plus it gives you time to breathe away from the match.

Don’t: Sit in the corner checking your phone

It’s easy to sit there and play endless levels of Candy Crush Soda or window shop for clothes but resist the temptation to do so. Pretend to be interested in it and your friends will see that you are trying.

Do: Be Supporting, Regardless of the result 

Even if England lose tonight, be supportive as your friends could take the loss badly, if you have to just say that “England have made history already” Or “There is always next world cup”

Don’t: Attack anyone (especially our opponent)

While its perfectly ok to get a little competitive, DO NOT go around attacking the opponents or fellow fans. This sort of behaviour belongs in the past and doesn’t reflect modern football.

Most Importantly: Have fun!

To sum up, the biggest thing to do is enjoy it and have fun! This is an opportunity to bond with friends and show pride in our country. Not many times of the year can we truly be patriotic without judgement.

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