JT Update: September 2018

Hello, everyone, As you have noticed I haven’t been writing as much lately. With the majority of September not having a single upload to date. This has been down to a few factors.

I have just recently finished my summer job and I have enjoyed having a fortnight holiday. After working for three months and juggling this blog I have been creatively burned out. I also have been getting prepared for my journey to the University of Sunderland. With having to focus on this, my mind has been elsewhere.

With my university studies going to be at the forefront of my mind, the level of content going up on JT will decrease again. From Sunday 31st of September, Articles will go back to going up every two weeks. This will allow for my mind to be focused on the university work.

Hot drink Heaven and all the other series will continue as normal. Stick around as the best is yet to come.

Hot Drink Heaven: A love for Columbian Single Origin Coffee

The world has some amazing coffee growing regions, From Kenyan Coffee Through to Vietnam but one of the more well-known regions is the country of Columbia.

if you live in the UK, the Coffee Chain Costa Coffee has recently brought a Single Origin Blend of coffee from Columbia on the menu. Sort of a guest blend to go alongside the house blend. Over this past summer, I have been going to my local Costa Coffee to try this blend.

The Columbian coffee love is deep and rich in the culture of Columbia, from the naming of the three top blends after the place of growth (Medellin, Armenia and Manizales) to the national treasure Juan Valdez, the character made by the Columbian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC)

In order to truly taste the blend, I tried having the blend in three of the drink options at the same Costa Coffee each time. my three drink choices were The Flat Black, A Classic Americano and a Skinny Latte. Three Drinks with different brewing methods.

Lets Start with the general taste of the blend, Columbian Coffee is known for being one of the more balanced and smooth blends, With fruity and chocolatey undertones. Owd to Columbia’s History of growing coca leaves.

When brewed by its self in both the Flat Black and the Classic Americano, The Blend is the power kick for caffeine junkies like myself, a bold and powerful blend combining the sweetness of the taster with the bitterness of a black coffee. Just what I needed before a long run home.

Yet when placed into the latte, we see the other side the blend, strong and bold is beaten to first by the smoothness and gentle warming feeling, it is as if the steamed milk makes the blend come across with an alternative self. Although at the last sip the blend recaptures its boldness giving me a caffeine fix.

Columbian coffee is without a doubt a flexible blend that can be appreciated at any time of the day in any form. From the morning wake up call through to that little kick up the backside on the afternoon.